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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Tuesday 4 Meme - Ghostly Tell Tales

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Ghostly Tell Tales

1.   Believe in ghosts, spirits, or the supernatural?

Ghosts - no.  Spirits as in angels or demons - yes.  Spirits as in we all have a spirit - yes.  Supernatural - as in ghosts and witches - no.  

2.   Ever had a supernatural experience?

Again as in ghosts and witches - no.

3.   Favorite horror film?

I don't really like horror films.  Too much tension!  I remember watching the really old horror movies as a kid and I spent most of my time with my face hidden behind a pillow.  I'm basically a really big chicken when it comes to scary or very intense movies.  lol

4.   Finish this line: Silently I walk in the moonless night 

every time my puppy needs to go pee in the middle of the night!



  1. Haha! Your finish to the sentence is perfect! I should have thought of that.

  2. Great answer on #4! I'm not a fan of Horror movies either although I have seen a few.

    1. I've seen a few too and they scare me to death. So I won't watch them any more.

  3. Sounds like puppy has you trained right and proper! :)

  4. I loved the finish the sentence you did! Isn't that the truth! Loved your answers. Have a nice week!



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