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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

A Sentence A Day - March 2020

My March one day at a time.

1- Sunday.  We went to both services today and had a quiet afternoon at home...best kind of Sunday.

2 - Monday. Lucy got groomed tonight and I got a haircut and it cracks me up that it costs $72 for the dog and $17 for me.  lol

3 - Tuesday.  Bible Study started tonight...Finding God Faithful by Kelly Minter on the life of Joseph.

4 - Wednesday.  Had to be at the Sleep Clinic at 8pm and then they wired me up again but this time I also used a sleep apnea machine so they could figure out the pressure that was needed to keep my passages open so I won't stop breathing.

5 - Thursday.  Released from the clinic around 6:00am - got some sleep but came home and took a quick nap and then cleaned up and headed into work at 10:00am.

6 - Friday.  Received a call and the doctor had already contacted the company where I'm getting my machine and placed the order...this wasn't expected to happen for 7-10 days...don't know how long it will be until I get it though.

7 - Saturday.  Was a beautiful sunshiny day - still a little cold though - spent some time with both sisters and then had all evening with hubby at home.

8 - Sunday.  Good church services, lunch out at our local Mexican restaurant and even a nap and an almost 1 mile walk with the dog - I've got to build up my walking stamina again.

9 - Monday.  Back to work Monday and picked up groceries afterward and then an evening at home with the hubby and another walk with the dog although it was a shorter one than planned.

10 - Tuesday.  Work and Ladies Bible Study made for a really good day.

11 - Wednesday.  Actually had a night at home and hubby made sweet and sour meatballs and rice and I did 3 loads of laundry.

12 - Thursday.  Picked up my cpap machine after work and set it up to sleep with for the first time and actually didn’t do too bad sleeping.

13 - Friday.  Took my sister to the doctor and then took her back home and later found out she can now have no visitors and can only leave for absolutely necessary doctor appointments as they are now on lock down as are all assisted living places in Ohio.

14 - Saturday.  Stayed home all day and actually enjoyed it a lot.

15 - Sunday.  Church and chicken for lunch and a good video chat with Kerri and a short nap equals a really good day.

16 - Monday.  Had a doctor's appointment and then went to work and a quick run in the grocery (so many shelves empty) and then home for the night.

17 - Tuesday.  We had Bible Study tonight and made the decision to cancel for 2 weeks to give this virus thing a chance to pass hopefully.

18 - Wednesday.  Still going to work, but we are constantly sanitizing everything and my poor hands are a bit of a mess, as I'm sure everyone else's is too.

19 - Thursday.  Came home after work and we had pasta for supper and then we watched some TV and I crocheted on hubby's blanket (after a long hiatus from working on it).

20 - Friday. Ordered pizza and picked it up on the way home and just spent the evening inside, watching some TV.

21 - Saturday.  Read a book to my grandson on Marco Polo, his mommy let him view it and evidently he loved it and hopefully she saved it, so he can listen when he wants.

22 - Sunday.  Fairly quiet day and then hubby and I drove south to the next town and I got a Starbucks and then we got some White Castle Sliders and sat in Target parking lot eating and looking at the sky which was pretty neat.

23 - Monday.  We both worked today then at home we just pieced around and fixed our own dinners and I started a new child's hat while watching some TV.

24 - Tuesday. Saw my first one of these this year.

25 - Wednesday.  Hubby made a pork loin in the slow cooker...can I just say delicious dinner.

26 - Thursday.  The birds were really singing today and I so enjoy listening to them praise God.

27 - Friday.  Not a lot going on except working and going home.

28 - Saturday.  Lucy and I took a couple of walks and we took a quick trip into Walmart and picked up some lunch at a drive-thru and ate it sitting in a parking lot with the windows down.

29 - Sunday.  Sunday is nap day and reading a book day and watching TV with hubby day.

30 - Monday.  First time I've done an office visit with my oncologist on FaceTime...interesting.

31 - Tuesday.  Had a long video chat with Colton...we played triceratops and elephant fighting and he "grilled" me a hotdog and corn and he hid me a couple times (I think to keep his mom from taking the phone)...so much fun!

Life is strange right now, but it's still good because it's all in God's hands.  Thanks for visiting.



  1. That's funny about the price difference for a hair cut
    Glad it seems like life is still sort of normal for you.
    Hoping the CPAP machine is helping you out now & you're used to sleeping with it

    1. Yes, since I still work every day as normal, things don't see all that different, except no church and no eating out, except curb service or take-out.

      I'm adjusting to the cpap slowly. It's not too bad and I'm having far fewer "events" as they call them.

  2. Cathy, I hope the CPAP machine continues to help your breathing and sleeping. Stay safe and well. #sentenceaday

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  4. My husband has sleep apnoea too. He had a cpap machine for about a year (he slept better but I kept waking up with the noise of it!) then the specialist suggested trying a 'made to measure' mouthpiece - a bit like a sports gum shield - and it worked as well as the cpap machine so now he uses that. The added bonus is that it doesn't make any noise at all!

  5. So glad you got the sleep study out of the way and your machine in place before shut-down! All non-essential doctors visits and procedures have been put on hold for the foreseeable future -- even our dogs' groomer has ceased operations. Almost feels like we're trying to walk the highiwire without a safety net.

    1. Yes, I'm glad I have it too and things are really weird right now in the world.

  6. That is a riot that your hair was so much less than the dog's! Love that beautiful blanket you're putting together. Those colors are so pretty.

  7. Wow...How did you remember all of that? I guess you must have planned this and wrote it down. I can't remember what I ate for breakfast today. LOL. This was good. Now that we are all pretty much on lockdown our days are pretty much the same...don't even know what day it is most of the time. Praying this soon will pass and we will all be fine.

    1. Yes, I do it as the month goes along. I keep a post in the drafts for a month. Sometimes I miss a day or two and then I really struggle to remember.

  8. This was fun seeing your month of March. How different life was a month ago. I love the blanket you are making. Such nice colors. It seems so strange to not go to church, doesn't it? The last time we had a service, my husband preached since Pastor was out of town. I told him that he closed the church down. Ha, ha! Take care and be safe.

    1. Life is definitely different and I really miss church too.

  9. Both my husband and oldest daughter have CPAP machines so I know about the sleep clinics. I hope you find the right sleep mask for you. We tried a few different types for our daughter before finding the right one. Our church has been streaming services on line since March 15. I'm so grateful to have this option but I can't wait to get back to worshiping the Lord with others in the body of Christ!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I too am trying several different ones. I think I have it narrowed down to 2 right now.

  10. It is interesting to read when things began to get crazy in everyone's community. I was in Kentucky caring for my mom when the bottom fell out both there and then shortly after that, back at home in Texas.
    Had to giggle that your cute pup's 'do was about 5X the price of your own haircut. Hmmm, something is wrong with that picture!
    The pork loin or pork roast looked so tasty. Just once in a while I wish my Prince Charming would cook. He is very good about saying we can go out to eat, but if we are eating at home, I am the chief cook and bottle washer.

    1. I'm definitely blessed that I have a man who likes to cook because I really don't. However, I don't mind the clean-up, so it works well for us.

  11. I love both of your crocheting projects! The colours in each of them are amazing. And I'm glad you got your CPAP machine before all this craziness hit. I hope you are sleeping much better with it.


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