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Friday, December 4, 2020

Friday Photos


Here are a few pictures from the past week.

Colton learning to print his name

Snow in our back yard.  We ended up with several more inches, but I didn't get a picture of it

Advent study I'm doing this year from She Reads Truth

Lucy freshly groomed and with Christmas ribbons in her hair that last about an hour or so

My brother's marker decorated for Christmas

My parent's marker decorated for Christmas

That's about all I have this week.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



  1. These are great, Cathy! Children's handwriting never fails to make me smile. Keep warm!

  2. So sweet to see Colton learning to write his name! What fun! And the snow is so pretty. I love to see it, but I don't like having to drive in it and shovel it, etc., hence we live in FLorida! The flowers on your family's graves are so nice. That is wonderful that you do that. We are too far away from our family graves and so we aren't able to decorate them. I feel badly that they must look neglected. I am glad you are able to do that. My MIL was so faithful to decorate all of her people's graves, and now that she is gone there is no one to decorate hers. I comfort myself in knowing they are not really in those graves, but in heaven, but still... (((hugs)))

  3. your parents headstone is just beautiful! The Christmas decorations arel ovely on it too.
    Look at that big boy spelling his name!

  4. Lovely decorations for your loved ones' graves. Good for Colton!! Excellent!

  5. Enjoyed looking at your pictures. Your little Lucy is a cutie.

  6. Cute picture of Colton! The snow scene is so pretty! I am doing and Advent study too. Happy Sunday!

  7. Doh, we forgot to go over to the cemetery, we usually set plants for the holidays (thank you for the reminder, smiles).

    Have a beautiful week ahead, smiles

  8. Awesome that he can write his name. Lucy looks so cute. Their spots look decorated so nice.


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