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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

A Sentence A Day - January 2021

My January 2021:

1 - Friday.  Love having a day off work and spending it with hubby and we ate pork and sauerkraut per tradition.

2 - Saturday.  Made my first hat of 2021.

 3 - Sunday.  We had church and picked up Cracker Barrel for lunch and then had a Sunday nap, which are the best naps ever.

4 - Monday.  Back to work for the first time in 2021.

5 - Tuesday.  We saw this guy after work on the way home.

6 - Wednesday.  Work and Online Bible Study on the life of Paul.

7 - Thursday.  This scripture really meant a lot to me on this day "Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you.  Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand." Isaiah 41:10.

8 - Friday.  Ordered in pizza for supper and watched TV.

9 - Saturday.  Made a Hobby Lobby run as yarn was 30% off and I'm hoping to get some stock and re-open my Etsy shop.

10 - Sunday.  Again church, McDonald's for lunch and then another Sunday nap and made another hat.

11 - Monday.  Work and then picked up groceries from Kroger Pick-Up, which I totally love and packed up some Christmas along with sorting out items we have used for several years.

12 - Tuesday.  Had planned to go out to dinner with hubby's mom but someone came into work today that had just had a COVID test and found out after they left they tested positive - I wasn't that close to the person, but no way would we take a chance of making his mom sick.

13 - Wednesday. Busy day at work and then home and to church and then quiet evening at home reading and watching TV.

14 - Thursday. Tried grilling pork chops on our indoor electric grill and they were delicious and then I completed 2 more hats minus the pompoms. 

15 - Friday.  Ordered in pizza and watched TV and did some knitting.

16 - Saturday.  Met my sister and her husband for lunch and then I shopped for some yarn & we ran errands and then met up with sister later to use a coupon and do some more yarn shopping.

17 - Sunday.  Church and then he got some McD's and I got Taco Bell and ate in the car and then went home and took a nap and back to church.

18 - Monday.  Got to visit with our sister face to face inside for the first time since about March or April of last year.

19 - Tuesday.  Back to work after a 3 day weekend...yuck!

20 - Wednesday.  Went to dinner with hubby's mom to get her out of the house for a bit as this would have been their 65th wedding anniversary and it's her first without him.  

21 - Thursday.  We finally had some beautiful blue skies and sunshine.

22 - Friday.  Did some shopping online and ordered an outfit for the wedding...let's see if it will work.

23 - Saturday.  Cooked breakfast at home and went out later in the day and had lunch and ran errands and then went to Joann's with my sister and bought more yarn that was on a fabulous sale and also completed a scarf and hat set that I love.

24 - Sunday.  Church and lunch out and then a nap and worked on another hat and scarf set.

25 - Monday.  First anniversary of the death of hubby's dad.

26 - Tuesday.  Work and then home and we cooked dinner and then watched some NCIS and did some knitting.

27 - Wednesday.  

28 - Thursday.  Went for a walk with the dog after work and saw this fella on our roof.

29 - Friday.  Picked up some chicken on the way home after work.

30 - Saturday.  Ran some errands and had a quiet day at home with lots of reading  

31 - Sunday  lots of sleet but we went to church and there were just six of us so we sang a song and had a short lesson and prayer and went home for the day  


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  1. I had to smile when I saw that Pork and Sauerkraut is a tradition for you! I live on the East Coast and with the exception of some of my friends in Texas that have Cabbage and Black eye peas for New years, I assumed pork and sauerkraut was a tradition for everyone but I was slowly learning that very few people outside my regional area eat it on New Years!
    Your hat and scarf look great! When I taught a sewing and design class ( years ago) one of our first projects was simple fleece hat and scarf project!

    1. I thought it was a common tradition for everyone too! lol

  2. Amazing how you keep up with that. I'd have a hard time keeping it to one sentence a day, even tho we don't do that much. I'm just too verbose. LOL. But I love seeing your monthly memories. Makes a good little journal outline!

    1. I think I will enjoy looking back at in the future.

  3. Always fun to read your sentence a day for the month :)

  4. Was that an owl? This is a nice way to keep a diary. Do you write something down each day?

    1. It was a red tailed hawk I think. I usually work on the post throughout the month. I’d never remember it otherwise. lol

  5. I always marvel at those of you who do this meme each month. I don't remember what happened two days ago, let alone what happened the first of the month. Always fun to read though!! Happy February! xo

    1. I can only do it, but working on it throughout the month. If you notice, I left last Wednesday blank because for the life of me I can't remember what we did. I mean I know I went to work, but after that, no idea! lol

  6. Oh wow! How neat to find a hawk on the roof! Your hats and scarves are so pretty.

  7. I like that first hat A LOT! And I love the brightness of the yellow -- it's so sunshiny!!!

  8. All the yarn! You're keeping Hobby Lobby in business!!!
    I cant wait to see the dress you picked - hope it worke d out.

    1. It’s actually a pants outfit and I totally love it. Have to get it hemmed but it fits really nice.

  9. My sister just told me that Hobby Lobby is doing away with their 40% off coupon. Waaaaa! I am so sad. Great score on the yarn. Lovely colors. And that hat is adorable. The bright blue pops against that yellow. Wearing that yellow scarf and hat will be like being bundled up in sunshine.
    Love that you allow yourself naps. I love napping. But often nap and then don't want to get up afterward.

  10. I'm liking this idea of Sunday afternoon naps! Sounds like you have plenty of supplies now to keep those knitting needles busy :-)

  11. I love that scarf & hat set too. Would not have thought I would like that color just looking at the yarn, but I do. Karen


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