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Monday, October 4, 2021

A Sentence A Day - September 2021

 My September one day at a time.  

1 - Wednesday.  Sold my car today - paperwork to be completed next week.

2 - Thursday.  Went with my sister after work to change out the summer flowers for fall flowers at my mom and dad's marker and my brother's also.

3 - Friday.  Started a jigsaw puzzle after work and watched TV with hubby for a very nice quiet evening.

4 - Saturday.  Hubby had Italian for lunch and then went to the Cincinnati Airport and watched the airplanes from the Observation area and then went shopping in the area and I finished the jigsaw puzzle I started Friday.

5 - Sunday.  Church and then came home for lunch and had a nap and a quiet night at home watching some TV after evening church.

6 - Monday.  Happy Labor Day and I got a new chair today that I love as my old recliner was starting to get threadbare in some places.

7 - Tuesday.  Back to work today after a 3 day weekend and then hamburgers and baked fries for dinner and did some laundry too.

8 - Wednesday.  After work we had eggs and sausage for dinner and then went to church and then home to watch Bones and JAG.

9 - Thursday.  Work, Salisbury Steak for dinner and did a load of laundry and crocheted on a baby blanket I'm making.

10 - Friday.  After work we picked up dinner and went home.

11 - Saturday.  Met up with my sister at 8:30am and then picked up the other sister and did some Walmarting for the week then went home and unloaded with hubby's help and we took off and got some lunch at Chili's and then took a drive and I got a Starbucks and he got a McD's Diet Coke and then headed home for an evening of TV show binging.

12 - Sunday.  Great services again (our little church is starting to grow) and home for a good nap.

13 - Monday.  Happy 27th Birthday Kerri!

14 - Tuesday.  Finished my book (Donovan's Daughter by Lori Wick) before work and Ladies Bible study started tonight and we are doing the Priscilla Shirer study on Elijah...so much fun with all the ladies and started reading a new book.

15 - Wednesday.  Work and a quiet night at home binging some Bones and JAG.

16 - Thursday.  Picked up dinner from Noodles and Co. after work.

17 - Friday.  Work and Chiropractor Appointment.

18 - Saturday.  We had a rummage sale at church until 2p and then hubby and I went out for an early dinner/late lunch and then laundry at home that night and hubby made reservations for our November vacation.

19 - Sunday.  Typical Sunday with Church and a nice nap in the afternoon.

20 - Monday.  Work and then to the license bureau to transfer the plates from the car I just sold to the van we just bought and then home for some light housekeeping.

21 - Tuesday.  We had Bible Study and it was so very good and in the night sometime, someone obliterated our mailbox...hope no one was hurt because the split the pole in half and the mailbox itself was in pieces.

Completely destroyed - post in pieces

22 - Wednesday.  Ordered a new mailbox and post from Lowes on the way into work and picked up after work but will have to wait for the rain to stop and dry up a little before we can put it up...hubby made chili for supper which was perfect for this rainy, cool night.

23 - Thursday.  Our new mailbox was installed, our wonderful neighbor did most of the work and we feel so blessed.

New Mailbox - Lucy checking it out

24 - Friday.  Ordered in pizza and had a quiet night at home.

25 - Saturday.  The sisters did another Walmart trip in the morning and then hubby and I went out for lunch and some errands.

26 - Sunday.  Found out Sunday afternoon at another one of our cousins passed away unexpectedly today.

27 - Monday.  Back to work and picked up groceries afterward and then home where I cooked us some dinner.

28 - Tuesday.  Work and Bible Study group and I sure do love these ladies and this would have been my brother's 70th birthday, had God not taken him home in 2014.

Happy Birthday in heaven Larry.

You are missed.

29 - Wednesday.  Worked and then went home and cooked dinner and did some laundry and watched some TV and some reading.

30 - Thursday.  

Thanks for visiting and I hope you have a wonderful day.


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  1. I remember in my youth the church ladies' rummage sales. Gosh, I've not heard that term in years and years. Your recliner sure looks comfy; we're still debating whether to go with cloth or leather.

    1. So far I'm really happy with the recliner and so glad I got it for such a good deal. The rummage sale turned out to be pretty fun and I bought a few things for my grandson too.

  2. Love your new recliner! Looks comfy! Ready for retirement! Happy Heavenly birthday to your brother Larry. Which reminds me, my oldest brother Russell will have his heavenly birthday on October 6th. This will be his 3rd birthday in heaven. He would be 78. Yes, we will always miss our dear loved ones who have gone on before us. Hope you have a happy October!! God bless you.

    1. Happy Heavenly birthday to your brother Russell, Pam.

  3. A very full month full of good things and sadness for missing your brother, Larry. I love my recliner (nicknamed My Happy Place). Yours looks great! xo

  4. Lots of great pictures. Sorry about your brother.

  5. What a beautiful recliner. Congrats on selling your car.

  6. Happy heavenly birthday to your brother. I'm sorry you lost him so young.

    Also, I need to remember that the colder weather means more time for doing puzzles. I bought a new one a few weeks ago that I'm saving for a rainy day.

    1. I’ve got 3 puzzles from my sister to put together. Tonight might be a good night to start one. We’ll see.

  7. That looks like a very comfortable chair to spend autumn evenings in!
    I did so many puzzles when we were in lockdown, but haven't done any since, now the days are chillier and the evenings get dark earlier I think it may be time to get another one going.

  8. The new mailbox looks good. Wonder if someone hit it accidently or mangled it on purpose. It seems about once a year a few mailboxes get smashed due to pranksters in all the communities I've lived. That new chair looks nice & comfy, a good color too. What does you new car look like, you have to post a picture of it. Karen


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