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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Tuesday 4


Looking back...

Hello friends and once again welcome to Toni Taddeo's Tuesday 4.   I am so happy to have people joining in and making this so much fun.

I am listening to a nostalgic music channel right now with songs of the 40's  and it  made me think that perhaps we could discuss some
nostalgia here.  I hope you will enjoy thinking about these questions this week. Annie

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1. What music were your parents listening to when you were a kid?  Does that music bring back memories for you? I really don't recall them listening to a lot of music, but they did take us to several concerts of the southern Gospel Quartet Groups back in the day.  And still to this day that is my favorite kind of music, although I love many others too.  Mom and Dad actually sang in a quartet at our church and also traveled a bit and sang.  As an adult mom took lessons and learned to play the guitar.  In my early 20's I actually sang in a quartet too with my brother and 2 cousins.  So many fun memories.

2. What was your favorite meal and beverage as a teenager? Chicken and dumplings has always been a favorite and probably Pepsi was the favorite drink.  Is it still or have things changed for you?  I drink Diet Coke now and yes chicken and dumplings are still a favorite, but I may like Mexican style food even more.

3. As a teen did you live in a city, country, small town?  We moved a lot when I was younger.  Always in the same county.  Mom and Dad remodeled homes all the time.  They were in to flipping houses before flipping houses was a thing.  We lived in some of those houses and some they just fixed up and sold.  Dad also built homes for us.  But when he bought the small farm when I was a freshman in high school, they stayed there for like 19 years.  So as a teenager I mostly lived on the farm in the country and I loved it.   What was it like for you there. At first I shared a room with my two sisters and then dad built on and I shared a room with just one sister and the oldest got to have here own room.  Tell us about your hometown please? It's a fairly small city, although there has been a lot of expansion in the 45 years I worked for their Police Department.  It's the home of the Golden Lamb which opened in 1803 and has been continuously running ever since.  Many presidents and other famous people have stayed there or at least eaten there.

This is a picture of the Golden Lamb
dressed up for Christmas

One of my favorite places is our library

The clock tower on the city building.  The city
building used to be a theater and I remember
going and watching Disney movies there as a child.

The white building on the left is the local bank
where I have done my banking since I was a
teenager.  In fact, my sister worked there 40 some
years and my brother worked there probably 20 or so.

These last few show just a bit of Broadway
during the Memorial Day Parade

4. Would you like to live in your hometown today? Yes. Why or why not? In fact, I live just about a mile north of that town. And have always lived within a 20-30 mile radius of the city.  But some day I think I'd like to sell our home and downsize to a condo within the city limits.  

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  1. LOVE the parade pictures and really love a small town!! Chicken and dumplin's...YUMMMMMM!!! The only thing stopping me from making this today is the fact that it wil be over 90 degrees where I live today. LOL! Have a great week!

  2. Your hometown sounds so nice. I hope you get to move back.
    It is interesting people are mentioning they do not remember their parents listening to music. I do not remember my dad listening to music, but I definitely remember my mom listening to the radio. I was just telling my son about that this morning. Thank-you for sharing all of your wonderful memories! Loved your answers! Have a nice week.


    1. I know we had a hi-fi and we had records, but I remember us kids listening to it, but not mom and dad,

  3. I know about the Golden Lamb but never got to eat there. I like small town Ohio a lot since I went to school there in Athens. Good memories!

  4. Your answer for #1 is very interesting. I do love dumplings. We had dumplings with roast pork and sauerkraut growing up. That is something about your parents flipping houses back in the day. I always shared a room with my sister. My brother had his own room and my parents had twin beds like the Dick Van Dyke show. Love the photos you shared. My town didn't have a main street.

  5. Sweet memories, Cathy! I never knew flipping homes was a 'thing' before HGTV came along. Your dad sounds like a visionary; and here, you and your sisters had a front-row seat. Cool!

  6. You made me think of something when I read your answer. My parents added a room to 3 of the houses they bought. In fact, they added a living room and 2 beds and a bath at the last home I lived with them before getting married. We did downsize after we retired. A condo sounds nice!

  7. Such wonderful memories, and to think you've lived there in that area your whole life! Sounds like a really wonderful place to live. Love the pictures, and the parades, etc. Is the Golden Lamb a restaurant as well as a hotel? Do they serve leg of lamb there? Just wondering. We had a restaurant years ago called "The Golden Lamb", and that was their specialty.

  8. I enjoyed your answers, and your town looks awesome. I love chicken and dumplings.


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