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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Tuesday 4


Reading is Fundamental

 Welcome to Toni Taddeo's Tuesday 4.      Let's talk about books and reading. If you are not a reader consider substituting movies and TV programs. Link here.

1.  What book brought out your emotions and why?  I really can't think of one in particular.  However it is not unusual for me to laugh out loud when reading or even cry when reading.  As to why, I guess because if I'm reading a really good book I'm really captured by it and what is happening.

2.  How has reading changed your life both for good or for bad? What you get out of it?  I don't know that reading has changed my life, although, I always told my girls that if you can read, you can do most anything.  

3.   What character(s) do you love and which do you hate and why? I guess it totally depends on the book.

4.    What book or books  do you think everyone should read once in their life time? The Bible

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  1. I think getting totally sucked into a story is the mark of a great book! Been there!

  2. I love getting into a story and identifying with characters and especially when there is a series so I don't have to "say goodbye"!! xo

  3. I agree about the bible. It has it all and is the key to knowledge in so many ways. Thank you so much for joining in and sharing.

    1. Thank you Annie for keep the Tuesday 4 going.

  4. It does totally depend on the book! And yes, the Bible is #1 on the reading list.

  5. I was torn with how to answer some questions...sometimes I feel wishy washy when I have to decide an either or answer.


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