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Friday, December 23, 2022

Christmas Conversation

I borrowed these questions from Myra's blog, Respice, Prospice and you can click here to see her questions and answer on her blog or on your own.  I did ask her and she gave me permission.  She said she would be giving her answers on Thursday or Friday.

Message from Myra "Today's questions are taken from The Christmas Conversation Piece, a little book that's been part of my holiday collection for a while now.

You can choose to answer any one -- or all.   Perhaps you'd enjoying posing them to your family and friends! I chose to answer all of them here on my blog."  

You're the author of a new Christmas novel that you hope will one day become a classic. What would you choose as the setting for your Christmas story?

I believe I would like my story to be in the Smokey's but I have no idea what the story would be.

Someone has graciously offered to make you and your entire family a Christmas quilt. It will be made up of many quilt squares, each one representing a different family member.  What specific design and image would you want on your square?

Actually, I have a quilt like that.  It was made for my mom and dad and has pictures of all of us in the family.  When mom and dad passed, I was given the quilt.  I love it.

Which of the following three events would you most enjoy attending during the holiday season:
A stage production of Dickens' A Christmas Carol ...
a choral concert of Handel's Messiah ...
or a performance of Tchaikovsky's ballet The Nutcracker?

Dickens' A Christmas Carol, for sure.

If you won $5,000 the week before Christmas, where do you think you'd go for a Christmas vacation?

Check the answer to the first question, Christmas in the Smokey's.  We did that with the girls and all of Tracy's family in 2006 and it was so fun!
Cousins with the grandparents at the Aquarium in Gatlinburg

Cousins in front of the fireplace at our hotel.

If you were playing Name That Tune! which Christmas song do you think you could identify in the least number of notes?

Probably Silent Night

Thanks Myra for sharing.  This was really fun!

It's -8 here this morning and we're supposed to get wind gusts up in the 50's today.  We have some snow and it's drifted up on our front porch, which normally stays pretty clear.  I took down at the outdoor decorations last night so nothing would get broken.  We're planning to stay inside for the day and hubby's going to make chili for us today.  Stay safe and warm wherever you are today!



  1. I'm so pleased you played along, Cathy. Thank you!
    The Smokey's are on my short list of places to see. Gosh, I've been saying that for 4 years now. (*sigh*)
    That quilt is priceless. I've never seen anything like it!

    PS - I hope to get a post of my own up later today with my answers.


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