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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Columbus Day Geo-Caching

We've been doing a little geo-caching again in the last couple weeks. It was an absolutely gorgeous fall day. Perfect weather. I love to get out this time of year, when things cool off a little, but still aren't too cold. And geo-caching is a perfect excuse. This is basically treasure hunting with a GPS. Here are some pictures we took on Columbus Day.
Here's the log that was in the first cache we found. You just put the date and your Geo-Cache name on it. Of course, ours is TCKK

This is one of the actual caches. Just a bunch of little trinkets. You can take something and then add something if you want. I think we added a penny that day to some of them we found. Sometimes we just sign the log.

Look at this worm that was on a tree. It must have been 3 inches long at least. The cache was hidden behind this tree. This is in an old pioneer cemetery.

Here's another cache we found that day. We tried to find this one last spring and weren't able to . We got it this time! Yeah!

Just a beautiful spot to be in on a beautiful day.

Here's another cache we found in another little cemetery by and old church!

This cow was in the field next door to the cemetery and it seemed interested in what we were doing....not.
Here's a picture across the cemetery and looking at the church.

The girls were both in school this day, so it was just Tracy and I and we had so much fun. If you think it looks like something you'd enjoy, you might want to check out www.geocaching.com


  1. The pictures are cool. It does look like a fun day out!

    - Pixellicious Photos

  2. How fun that you did that together. It does sound fun...someone stole hubs GPS right before our big vacation in July. It was a sad day. That was a big worm or bug?

  3. What the heck are you feeding that worm!!!!!

  4. We haven't ever found one full of trinkets. Cool! I guess Letterboxing is slightly different, huh?

    Looks fun none-the-less.

    And that worm? That's the kind they had to eat often on Fear Factor. GROSS!


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