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Thursday, September 9, 2010

God's Glory

A cool thing happened while we were in Pigeon Forge on Friday.  We went up into the Smoky Mountains and drove the circle around Cades Cove.  It was beautiful that day and the scenery there is some of the most beautiful I've ever seen.  Anyway, our ladies' Bible Study group is doing the Bible Study by Beth Moore, "Beloved Disciple"  and in the introductory video, Beth Moore told a great story.  It was about a time when she was out taking a walk alone in the mountains and asked God to delight her, to show her His glory in a way that she would know it was Him.  And He did.  I won't tell you what her delight was.  I don't want to give it away in case you should get to do this study yourself.  She then challenged us to try that some time. 

So we were driving around Cades Cove and I remembered the challenge and decided to try it myself.  So I prayed out loud (I put my faith on the line) in front of Tracy and Kerri and asked the Lord to delight me and show me His glory while we were up there.  I explained to Tracy and Kerri about Beth's story and why I was praying it and I was expecting God to show me.  Of course when your in Cades Cove you're always hoping to see some wild animals (Or at least we do).  We'd seen some wild turkeys that day, but not a whole lot more. 

Usually as we're driving through the mountains, if I'm a passenger I am always watching in the woods to see if I can see any animals.  I mean the woods is where they live right?  But in all my trips through there, I don't remember seeing an animal in the woods while we were driving.  Sometimes we'll see deer and even bears in the meadows, but not the woods. Anyway, this time, I really wasn't watching the woods, because it was like, why, I can't ever see them.

There was a new pull off (they had just repaved the Cades Cove Circle) and Tracy pulled off there for a minute.  Several cars drove past us and then Tracy started to pull back out and I was looking across into the woods and something caught my eye.  I told Tracy to stop because I thought I saw something. He backed up a little and we started looking and then we saw a deer and then saw there were actually 2 deer a ways back in the trees.  He pulled out onto the road and we got a little closer and I zoomed in with the camera and took a shot.  I was so excited because everyone that passed in front of us missed these 2 deer.  But God let me catch the movement of the standing deer's tail and we got to enjoy seeing them.  Then a car came up behind us and they got to see them too.

I knew if it wasn't for God having that deer move it's tail, we'd have never seen them and I knew God did that just for me.  I can't tell you just how delighted I was.  But now I want to show you the picture.

 Deer zoomed in
Now the picture is not all that great, but when I zoomed it in later (like above), that deer laying down was looking straight at me.  I think that is so cool.  And no one will ever convince me that God didn't do this for me.  Just because I asked Him and He decided to give me a blessing.  Thank you God. 

Now I challenge you to ask God to delight you and show you His glory.  We serve such a wonderful God!


  1. Love you prayed it out loud in front of everyone! :)
    Love that you got that glimpse of beauty too!!!

    I LOVE Cades Coves... last time we were there, there was a mama bear with 2 cubs, right in the middle of a open field... it was AMAZING!!!

    Too bad I get car sick on those windy roads... oh my...

  2. I love this too! That's awesome!

    My daughter has a fun link on her blog today that you might like...its all about books : ) I played along and linked to it on my blog today. I'd love to see your list!

  3. That is so cool! I've been hearing this a lot lately, about asking God things, sharing our dreams with Him, even things that don't seem "super spiritual", and God showing up & blessing His children, just to show them how much He loves us! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Cathy
    Thanks for sharing this experience with us and for getting such a great picture as proof. Your prayer was answered right there.

  5. It's been years since we've been to the mountains but hoping to go next month. Have never heard of Cades Cove Circle will have to look it up.
    Awesome story and picture.

  6. God showed up and showed off!
    I just love it when He does that!
    :> )


  7. That IS so awesome!!! :) I'm glad you got to see it. Maybe I should try it sometime. lol

  8. I love Beth Moore. She's from here..just 40 miles up from me, where I went to college. Have done many of her studies and seen her at conference. :)

  9. This is soooo awesome because He is sooooo Awesome and just loves to bless and delight His "kids"!!!

    I'm like you Cathy, when we're driving along my eyes are always scranning the landscape of animals.

    BTW, one day I was in Flagstaff because my hubs had work there that day, so I dropped him off and stopped and got some hot tea and drove HWY 180 toward the Grand Canyon to enjoy the beauty and fellow ship with the Lord. I pulled over rolled the windows down and was enjoying the forest silence and beauty when ALL OF A SUDDEN a herd of elk just walked out of the forest right in front of me and casually meandered along and even stopped to graze right there on the road side!!! It was jawdropping awesome, let me tell you!!.....And I know that it was the Lord and I was rejoicing and laughing about what He did all day long - still am!!....As a matter of fact, just typing this makes my heart sing again! We have an AWESOME ABBA DADDY, don't we!!!


    HUGS! : ))


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