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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Project 365

Join Sara at ...make music from your heart to the Lord and take part in Project 365.  I started over again last week and I'm enjoying it, but as you'll see I definitely did not get a photo everyday.  But on Saturday I posted a couple instead.
Sunday - watching one of my favorite movies - "The Sound of Music"

Monday - working on our newest Ladies Bible Study - "Beloved Disciple"

Thursday - saw these horses in a field on my way home from work.

Saturday - lunch at P.F. Changs for Kerri's birthday which is Monday.

Also on Saturday - Kerri's B-day cake.  We had it on Saturday so she could share it with extended family at my mom's.  It was actually pretty funny, because we all had black teeth and tongues after eating that icing!


  1. We had orange tongues after eating the edging on my daughter's cake too... so much fun!

  2. What a fun looking cake...was it just a design or did it have a specific meaning? And we ♥ PF Changs...YUM! My mom and I watched the Sound of Music on Sunday too...one of our favs as well. Hope you have a great week.

  3. Hi, Cathy~

    The Sounds of Music is one of my favorites too! :> )

    Love your pics for this week. Would love to have seen one of you guys with black tongues and teeth! lol


  4. SOM is one of my all time fav's....

    Real horses and then the giant horses outside P.F. Changs...love it too. I have never been to P.F. but we have one not far from here!

    Have a great rest of the week!


  5. I watched "THe SOund of Music" too - always love to catch it when its on... such a great classic!

    PF Changs... mmmm... now I'm craving Chinese!!!

    I bet that icing was a MESS!!!!

  6. so where is the picture of the black teeth and tongues?!!!!

    Love PF Changs!!!

  7. Yum to the cake and PF Changs. I never get to go there...it is kindof far away from us but so worth the drive.
    Happy Birthday Kerri!
    I love the sound of music too. Actress played Gretle in the theater play of Sound of Music. My favorite show by far.

  8. That cake is amazing. Hope she had a lovely birthday.

  9. Love The Sound of Music! (Can't stand the Baroness Schraeder!)

    Enjoyed the pics.

  10. That was the first Beth Moore study I ever did. Loved it! Happy Birthday to Kerri.


  11. Love the horses, and oh, I've been craving cake so bad! That one looks heavenly. And I wouldn't even mind the black teeth!

  12. We love The Sound of Music and horses in this house, too! PF Changs is a casual version of one of our frequently visited places... Pei Wei. Great pictures. Love the angles on them. :)

  13. Love Sound of Music!!
    Fun colors on the cake.
    That is a great Bible Study!!


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