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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday HodgePodge

1. Let's start with something controversial...dressing or stuffing? What's it called at your house and what's included in your recipe...cornbread? oysters? sausage? chestnuts?
We call it dressing and we are having White Castle Dressing this year.  My brother makes it and it is delicious. By the way, from the comments I see some of you don't know what White Castle is?  It's a hamburger chain restaurant that sells little squad hamburger sliders that are really good.  Here's a picture below.

2. Who do you sometimes compare yourself to?
I'm not sure that I do compare myself to anyone, however, my kids say I'm like my sisters.

3. When were you last inside an airport?
Last January when we took my daughter so she could fly back to school after Christmas break.  However, I'll be there next month when we pick her up for Christmas break! Yay!

4. What is one side dish that absolutely must be included in a turkey dinner?
Mashed Potatoes of course!

5. What Christmas song do you dread hearing?
I don't really dread hearing any of them, however, "Little Drummer Boy" is probably one of my least favorite of all.

6. If someone approaches you and asks for money do you give it to them? Do you drop money 'in a tin cup' that belongs to a person on the street? Do you have a specific charity you support during the holiday season and/or year round?
It just depends on the situation as to whether we give or not.  We did the Shoe Box thing this year and we're going to participate (as a church) in Christmas Gift Baskets and also the City Giving Tree.  I also sponsor a child in Ecuador through Compassion. 

7. Share a favorite Thanksgiving memory. If you live in a country that doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving share a favorite memory associated with food.
I remember one year my cousins and I (we were high school age) took off after dinner and hid in our barn so we didn't have to do dishes.  We thought we were so cool.  I really think the adults were just glad to get us out of the house, because no one tried to find us. 

8. Insert your own random thought here.
I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving tomorrow with my family.  There will be 19-20 of us together.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


  1. I have never heard of White Castle Stuffing. I wish you a wonderful day with a full table. Hope there are pictures!

  2. I've never heard of White Castle stuffing either...the only White Castle I know is a little hamburger place : )

    You will have a full house tomorrow-enjoy!

  3. And I've never heard of White Castle stuffing either. I assume it's got the little hamburgers in it?

    Hope you have a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving! Blessings!!

  4. Loved your Thanksgiving story, Cathy! Yay for children coming home for college! Enjoy your family tomorrow and the rest of the season!

  5. I love White Castle! I never heard of a stuffing made from it though ;)
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. Sorry, but White Castle always reminds me of the time we went on vacation to Ohio and my hubby's dad and brothers and a couple of cousins got food poisoning. Imagine four men
    and two pre-teens taking turns in three bathrooms. Obviously your expreriences have been positive: 0)

    Oh, my sisters and I used to regularly hide after dinner to get out of dishes, but my folks always just waited...Drats!

  7. I remember doing dishes on Thanksgiving, there were 8 of us plus mom and dad and a few other relatives so it felt like washing dishes took up the rest of the day. The boys usually got out of doing them because of some stupid football game.

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  8. Gee, I used to just "have" to go to the bathroom when it came time to do the dishes!
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. All I can think of is the goofy movie about Harold and Kumar's quest for White Castle burgers. How do you make the stuffing?


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