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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Are You Sure That's My Dog?

Have you ever taken your dog to the groomers and then when you've gone to pick her up, you're really not sure they have given you the same dog back?  That's exactly how it was yesterday.  She does not look at all like my Lucy, but she sure does act like her.  haha

I mean really.  You tell me.  Is this the same dog?

 Here she is coming home from the vet about 3-4 weeks ago.

 And here she is coming home from the groomers yesterday.

I think she is absolutely adorable either way. But I have to say, I was just a little shocked when I saw her.  I guess I just didn't expect her hair to be quite that short.  I know in a couple of weeks it'll be better when it grows out just a bit more.  The other shocking thing is that almost all of her black hair is gone.  She's almost totally gray now.  The groomer told me that actually that is a Yorkie trait.  They get lighter and lighter throughout their lives.

 Just look at that face

 One thing for sure, she gets colder now.  She laid in this comforter last night at her daddy's feet, right in front of the heater.  She has never done that before.  Maybe I need to get her a sweater.  No actually, I kinda like that she wants to be so close to us now.  So I think I'll just hold her up close as much as possible.

I hope you aren't getting bored with all my puppy posts.  But frankly, with both my girls gone and with the weather the way it's been, there's not much else for me to take pictures of.  haha 


  1. It is so amazing how different pups look after a cut! Then again, it grows back so quickly, she'll be back to her old self before you know it!

  2. She does look like a completely different dog! I can't get over the change in the color of her fur. Give it a few weeks...I'm sure she'll look like her old self, again!

  3. I know Skye always looks different when I bring her home, her outer color which is dark is usually shaved off. I have to say that Lucy looks totally different....and definitely adorable!

  4. Our Zoe is the same way... completely different.
    Its even the same cut Zoe gets :)

  5. Poor little thing!! My hubby always says what did you do to the her, when Shaggy gets home from the groomers. But there hair grows back so quick!! I think Lucy is adorable with hair and with less hair!!

  6. I'm not tired of all your puppy posts ... since we're currently dog-less, I'm getting my dog fix from you. ;-)

  7. Our Yorkie Katie was the same after a haircut but the opposite! She was darker when short and blonder when long. She also got much colder in her later years. She passed away a year ago and we miss her little presence still.

  8. I, for one, am grateful for the dog post! Your Lucy is adorable. With her long nose, she reminded me of my sister's dog, which is a breed whose name I cannot spell, but it's pronounced something like "Co-ton de toulierre."


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