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Thursday, December 18, 2014

iPad vs Laptop for Blog Posting?

Which do you use for blog posting...a laptop or iPad?  I tried posting the Hodgepodge yesterday on my new iPad.  I finally got it posted, but it wasn't easy and I never could figure out how to link it to Joyce's page.  I finally did that this morning on the computer. 

I was really hoping I could use the iPad and maybe get rid of my laptop.  But unless someone can help me out with the linking issue, I guess I'll have to keep the laptop.  Sorry Kelli, I know you'd like to have it.

For just a regular post, I think the iPad would be fine and I could really get to like it.  I guess I need to just play with it some more.  Maybe I'll get it figured out.  Anyway, I really do like my iPad and am enjoying not having to get the laptop out so much.

So, which do you use?  And do you have any hints for me on the iPad?


  1. I have a tablet that I use for commenting on, but I could never do a blog post... unless it was simple typing. & it would still be a pain. It takes me forever to type on it.

  2. I've downloaded an app that is ok for just straight blogging. But I've never been able to copy paste the questions for hodgepodge to do on the ipad or any html information. And I can never get pictures added to a blog I write on the ipad directly. I always end up doing all that stuff on a regular computer later.

  3. I use a laptop. I don't have an iPad, I have a Nexus7 that I use mainly as my "Kindle". It does have my blog and Facebook on it, but I hate using that little keyboard. Sorry I'm not help with the iPad issues! My friends who have one, love them!

  4. I prefer to use the laptop but only because I write my blog posts using LiveWriter, which I prefer. But I frequently use my iPad to write my posts, using the BlogPress app If I'm going to link up to another blogger's meme, I open my blog in Safari and copy the URL there to paste in the linky on the meme. It's really very easy. Since I'm rarely able to write a post in one sitting, I need to be able to Create a draft and then go back to my draft to finish the post ... and cannot do so using www.blogger.com (in Safari) or the Blogger app ... I have no idea why ... about a third of my draft will open and then it tries and tries (I see the "wheel" turning in the upper left hand corner of my screen) but the rest will not open. I have no problems with the BlogPress app.

    1. I have no problems inserting text I've copied (like the Hodgepodge questions) nor do I have any trouble with inserting pictures (since 99.9% of my pics are in my camera roll or photo stream). In fact, I have more trouble commenting using my iPad, but most of the blame falls on my Feedly app.

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    \outl0\strokewidth0 \strokec2 I have an iPad and it's always been a chore to blog from it. I've downloaded the blogger app and it's a bit easier than it used to be but there seems to be a scrolling bug. For reading blogs it's okay but when I comment I often have a problem losing control of the cursor and it freezing. I always use my laptop. It's just a lot more bug free. \
    Anyhow, hope this helps! }

    1. I have no idea what all that gibberish is or how it got there. Sorry about that.

  6. I really like my laptop but since I don't have iPad I really can't give you my opinion!


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