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For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Wednesday Hodgepodge

It's time for Wednesday Hodgepodge.  Just click the button above to join in.

1. What's something you'd rate a 10/10? Tell us why.
Being a christian.  In my mind, there is absolutely no way to lose by choosing to serve God.  Doesn't mean life is easier, but it sure helps to know that Jesus is always with you through whatever you may have to go through.

2. What job would you be terrible at? What makes you think so?
Anything in a supervisory capacity because I do not like confrontation and/or having to discipline someone.

3. When did you last take a fall? What's something you're falling for (in a good way) these days?
I think it was late last year.  I lost my balance and fell and let me tell you, this older body does not handle that well.  Fortunately I didn't hurt myself bad, but I was a little sore for a while.  I'm falling more and more for the idea of retirement.  I know I've mentioned this a lot lately, but if all goes as we hope, I'll be retired this time next year and I'm liking the idea more and more.

4. According to the Travel Channel here are some of America's best fall festivals-

National Apple Harvest Festival (near Arendtsville PA, close to Gettysburg), Harvest on the Harbor (Portland Maine), German Village Festival (Columbus Ohio), Wellfleet Oyster Fest (Cape Cod), and Wine and Chile Fiesta (Santa Fe NM)

Have you ever been to any of the festivals listed? Which one appeals to you most? Does your hometown have any sort of fall celebration, and if so will you make it a point to attend?
No, I've never been to any of these festivals.  I'd probably like the first one because I do like Gettysburg and I'd like to go back there.  My hometown does have an Applefest every year.  I haven't been for a long time.  I'm just not real fond of crowds.

5. What is your goodbye message to summer?
Summer, you've been pretty mild and I'm so glad.  See you next year.

6. Insert your own random thought here.
I'm debating growing my hair back out or keeping it short.  Any opinions appreciated.

Have a great day



  1. I like your hair either way. Whatever is most comfortable, go for it! :)
    My hubby is the WORST at giving orders or confrontation - when they made him a manager, I was like THis is a terrible position for you... he's since hated every day of it. Poor guy.

  2. The festival in Gettysburg is only 3 or 4 hours from me, but I've never heard of it. Surprising since it's the national apple festival. I'm going to have to check into it. Maybe my husband will want to go. I got him to go to Gettysburg a couple of years ago and he really liked it.

    I like longer hair, but you have to go with what you like, what's comfortable for you, and makes you feel good.

  3. I hide from conflict in personal relationships but I am okay with managing it in a supervisory capacity. I say grow your hair out and when you can't stand it anymore cut it. That's kind of how I manage mine : )

  4. I so enjoyed your Hodgepodge thoughts especially #1, God is everything to me! I go back and forth on the hair situation have kept it short for sometimes it is so much easier to manage. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I won't be any help on the hair question because I like it both ways. Which one is easiest to deal with? I would wear mine short but I look so silly with short hair. You could always try growing it out again and cut it if you change your mind. :) The last 3 times I took a tumble I landed on my right knee and I don't think it can take another one. It does take longer to recover these days from a fall or even being sick. I'm not fond of crowds either but there are a few things that will bring me out. I think I would go to a fall festival if we had a good one. And if the temperature was cool enough.

  6. I love Gettysburg too, and was there for the 135th anniversary and reenactment. Awesome!! That kind of thing I do like. Your hair looks nice long too. I'd say whichever is easier! 😀

  7. Love your answer for #1. I agree, I wouldn't want to be the boss either. I'm excited for you and your retirement! I think my husband is planning the same thing for next year. I do like your hair longer. Funny, I've been thinking the same thing myself but not sure I could handle it.


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