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Thursday, April 4, 2019

Thankful Thursday

Things I'm thankful for today:

*  Bible Study - our ladies' group is doing "One in a Million" by Priscilla Shirer and it is so awesome.  It's based of the Israelites release from captivity in Egypt and wandering in the wilderness and then reaching Canaan.  And how only 2 of the original group of 2 million actually made it to the Promised Land.  Which means only one in a million made it.  If only a few are going to make it to living fully the life God intends for us (our Promised Land), I want to make sure I'm one of them.

*  Good results - I've going in for my yearly mammogram and all is well.  I love getting this report!  God has truly blessed me.

*  I got my new glasses last week as my exam showed I needed some new corrections made in the lenses.  I'm still deciding whether I like them or not.  But at least I'm seeing pretty good with them after the first couple of days of getting used to them.

*  They tell me the weather is beautiful outside (almost perfect they said).  I can't wait to go home and take the puppy for a walk this evening.  I think we'll both be thankful.

So what are you thankful for?  If you'd like to see other people's lists, click here.



  1. Love your new glasses and hooray for the good results of your test!!!

  2. The new glasses look great, but I understand. I've had mine for a couple of weeks now and I'm still getting used to them.
    Hooray for the good test results!
    I love that thought about 1 in a million...never thought about it that way before!

  3. Your new glasses look fantastic! I'm so glad your test results were good! Have a great weekend!

  4. That's sort of crazy to think about, isn't it - 1 in a million... Thank the Lord for Jesus who makes those odds so much better!!!
    Your glasses look great!

  5. Great news on your test results! I'm thankful for the beautiful weather we've had this week in Seattle! Rain comes tomorrow.

  6. Your new specs look great on you! I love reading everyone's Thankful Thursday lists! Always uplifting and beautiful!

  7. Love your new glasses! They look very classic! So thankful for God's love and daily provision. He is so good to us, even when we think things aren't just right...He makes it right!!


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