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Friday, December 30, 2022

Friday Photos

I really haven't taken too many photos this week, but here's a couple that I did take.  My sister's husband has been in the hospital this week,  So I've had the pleasure of going to her house a couple times a day to let their dog out and then to feed him supper.  I say pleasure, because I love this dog.  His name is Clyde and he is the sweetest.  But I also found out that he is extremely stubborn.  lol  I would have to keep telling him to go out and he'd run out and then try to get back on the porch and I'd have to send him out over and over and finally he would give up and go.  Crazy dog.  lol

He was running towards me here.  His mouth looks so goofy here. 
But that's Clyde!

Here he's standing at the door watching me. 
 I eventually had to go out and shoo him out into the yard over and over.

He is such a cutie!

Well, that's it folks.  Oh wait a minute.  Her husband had surgery yesterday and should be home sometime today.  He's fine.  Thank you God.

Happy New Year to all of you.  



  1. Oh, how funny is Clyde?! I wonder if he doesn't enjoy 'pulling your chain'? What a blessing you are to your sister and BIL so they won't have to worry about him.

    1. Oh I'm sure he does. But he really is a good dog.

  2. The dog is really cute. Glad you were able to help them out. Happy to hear that her husband is doing well.

  3. Glad for the good news that he got home! The pup is cute... he doesn't like that snow and cold!! Thanks for the update!! Happy new year!! xo


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