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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Tuesday 4 - Hooray for Hollywood!


Hooray for Hollywood!

Hello and welcome to Toni Taddeo's Tuesday 4.

From Annie:  "Hollywood magic is well named. In Druidism the holly and it's wood were used in magic. Magic wands were often made of holly wood.   Lightning will not strike holly so it is often planted next to homes to protect it. The word holly comes from the word holy and the holly tree was sacred in times past.  Today Hollywood still churns out 'magic' and 'spellbinding' displays as well as 'stars in the firmament' who entertain, mesmerize and influence us." 

Let's talk about it....

1.  Do you have a few favorite holiday movies you enjoy watching year after year? Do you make some popcorn to eat while you watch movies at home?  White Christmas is our all-time favorite.  We also like all 3 of the Santa Clause movies with Tim Allen.  We seldom make popcorn, but we do both like it.

2.  Have you had a celebrity crush? Can we ask who it was? Many when I was a kid such as Bobby Sherman, All the Monkees, Hans Solo on Man from U.N.C.L.E.  Also, like Cary Grant, Elvis, Rock Hudson and many others.  lol

3.  Do you have  favorite actors/actresses whose movies you don't want to miss and what movie would you say is your all time favorite from those stars? No, I can't really think of anyone in particular at the moment.  I do enjoy some of Tom Hanks' movies, but I've only seen a few.  One of my favorite with him is Apollo 13, however it's not necessarily because of him (although he is very good in it) but I happen to love the space program.

4. Have you met any famous Hollywood people in person or would you like to?     Why or why not?  No, I haven't met any famous Hollywood people.  Although, one of the actors of a Hallmark movie filmed in our town needed some kind of a document typed and he came to the Police Department and I typed it for him.  The movie was "The Christmas Spirit" and the actor was Bart Johnson.  I'm really not too familiar with him.  Nicollette Sheridan was the female lead.  But that's it for me for meeting famous actors/actresses.

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  1. Oh, I love Tom Hanks! I didn't realize you were/are a fan of the space program; it's so fun learning new things about our friends here in Blogville.

    1. Oh yes, I like almost anything to do with flight. While not necessarily me doing it, but learning and watching others. The space program in it's hay-day was wonderful.

  2. Hi Cathy, I like space movies too! I worked for the post office and got to go to a first day stamp issue at JPL(Jet Propulsion Laboratory) in Pasadena CA. I think it was 1991 and they issued the Space Exploration Stamps. I like to watch Hallmark movies. Have a great week!

  3. I love White Christmas and It's A Wonderful Life, besides many other's. Those sound like great crushes. I too love watching Tom Hank movies. I did meet some famous people when I was very young like Jerry Lewis.

  4. You had some great answers. I haven'te seen many "modern" movies because we don't have a theater nearby and we just don't get into movies much anymore. But I do like Tom Hanks. I think that's neat that a Hallmark movie was being filmed in your area and you got to do something special for them. That's pretty cool! I hope your hubby starts feeling better soon. I can commiserate with him these days!! Take care and enjoy your wintry days!

  5. What a fun post! Elvis was my first concert :)

  6. I enjoyed White Christmas movie as a young teen. I seldom see it now on TV though it's probably on You Tube. I love space movies too.

  7. Oh, the Santa Clause movies are great. I enjoyed your answers.


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