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Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Bits of This and That


Good morning!

We had a very nice, quiet Easter weekend. It's been good. After church on Sunday, we picked up some lunch and brought it home and then relaxed and tracked Kelli flying to Milan, Italy with her husband and his mom and aunt. They left Tampa around 12:30-1:00 and arrived in Milan about 12 hours or so later. Hubby saw on the app that they had landed and then just a short time later, she texted and let us know they arrived safely. Mom and dad then went to sleep peacefully.

Gorgeous photo from their first day

Such a cute photo

What a beautiful place and a beautiful couple. 
I told Kelli I need a picture like this, but with no sunglasses. lol

Kerri and her family went to church with a friend and then they had lunch together and later a swim. 

Precious Family

My Cutie!

I think he likes his Easter basket!

Here is the pre-recorded sermon from Sunday morning.

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  1. Oh I bet they are going to have a fabulous time in Milan! It sounds like your family had a great Easter.

    1. I think she is having a great time. I'm trying to wait until she gets home to ask lots of questions. lol

  2. Beautiful ladies! That third image is totally frame-worthy -- sunglasses or not!

  3. What great photos, Cathy!! Italy. So beautiful. I'm glad you had a lovely Easter celebration. xo

    1. I'm loving her sharing some with me from Italy. Plus I know I'll see a lot more when she comes home. Our Easter was nice.

  4. The photos are awesome and it is so nice to see Colton.


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