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Friday, October 31, 2008

SkyWatch Friday

This is my photo for SkyWatch this week. To see others, click button above.


  1. Lovely! A wonderful post for the upcoming Election week---it reminds us what really comes first.

    Happy SWF!

  2. Beautiful anyway. The cloud is a nice addition.

  3. I think this is a great shot and very apropo for it being so close to the election. Nice one!!

  4. wonderful photo... I do believe I like yours better than mine ... the sky is so pretty and of course I love the flag :)
    thank you for visiting my blog too!

  5. Looks like the flag is blowing those clouds away!

  6. I almost chose the same type of photo but I am glad I didn't. Yours is much better.

  7. TCKK - Great picture. The sky looks so pretty:-)

  8. Great photo!!
    And thank you for commenting on my cross stitch blog. I do most of my cross stitching in the fall, winter and early spring, when it is too cold to do much outside. When we have finished work and the house is cleaned up from supper I will get my cross stitch out and work on it while listening to the t.v. till bedtime. I really enjoy it and it is so neat to get a picture done and mounted and then framed!

  9. Pssst...I need your email address - YOU WON THE AVON GIVEAWAY!!! So, email me your address and congratulations :-)!

  10. Always a good sight!
    Cheers, Klaus


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