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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Project 365

Click on the Project 365 and join Sara in the fun! Yes, once again, I missed a couple days. But I figure every one that I get is a good thing. And I promise if anyone else wants to join in, Sara does not get upset with us for missing a day here and there. And it's never too late to start. So come join the fun!
Saturday, July 18th - Here are the flowers in front of my mom and dad's place.

Friday, July 17th - Both of these pictures are from Kings Island. Above is KJS on the Carousel and below is KJS and her cousin STS on one of the rides.

Tuesday, July 14th - Above is a picture of the Golden Lamb, Ohio's Oldest Inn and below is an old gas station that they've fixed up in our town as a tourist attraction. It's down by the train station. It's all part of the historical draw of our city.

Monday, July 13th - Just a pretty night sky.
Sunday, July 12th - This is the sign our in front of our church advertising our Bible School. One of the men in our church painted it. Isn't it awesome!! You'll probably be hearing more about Bible school this week as it starts tomorrow night.


  1. awesome pictures!!! I love amusement parks and rides!!!

    that sign is great...he is really talented!

  2. Have fun with VBS!

    I lve the picture of the gas station - very Mayberry!

    (We made it safely, btw - thanks for the prayers!)

  3. Love that VBS signage. =0) Too cute.

    And the tiny little filling station is SOOOOOO cute. Too bad they don't all still look like that!

    Glad you're enjoying your summer!

  4. that old gas station is so cool! i used to have an old gas pump in my front yard that was in mint condition, it's funny how many people thought that we pumped our own gas! haha. we told a few of them that we did just for kicks.

  5. Oh come on, that whole DOG/TREE thing couldn't have scared me. You've been my follower for a long time. You already knew I was ... uh... QUIRKY!


  6. I enjoyed your pictures. The Golden Lamb Inn looks great and the gas station too. I was curious about why the Inn is raised up so high from the road. I would love to know why if you have time to explain.
    The bible school sign looks fantastic. That man who painted it is extremely talented.

  7. Lindsay-Ann:
    Actually the Golden Lamb does not sit up high. They are working on the road there and that is a concrete barrier wall. You're right though it does look like it's sitting high. I was in my car and took it out the side window! Fortunately there wasn't much traffic at the time. I'll have to take another picture there after the work is finished so you can see.


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