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Friday, February 5, 2010

Laziness Portrayed

Everyone at our house is on a snow day except me.  Hubby just sent me an e-mail showing me the height of laziness.  Of course, I had to show you.

I think she's enjoying the day more than anyone!  If you can't tell, she's laying across our bed (we throw that comforter over it so she doesn't get the bed dirty after tracking in from outside) and looks like she has some baseball magazines to look at and of course at her feet is her envelope.  Yep our dog doesn't play with toys, instead she nibbles on that envelope.  It's kind of a silky feeling mailing envelope.  She doesn't tear it up, just nibbles it.  Who knows?!?  Hey!  Actually thats my side of the bed.  Dog you better be moved by the time I get home.  Don't get too used to it!  No way you're sleeping there tonight!  Can you tell I'm jealous?!?


  1. Nothing like a lazy dog that makes you just wanna curl next to them & be lazy too!!!

    An envelope????? that's a new one I've heard!

  2. I want to curl up with a magazine or three and not feel guilty! I'm jealous too!

  3. I almost took a picture similar to this a couple of weeks ago when the dogs and I were enjoying "national do nothing day"!

  4. ahhhh..there is nothing like the life of a dog!

    We are just getting TONS of rain here in NC and the temp is around 38...hope it stays that way...you know I am not a big fan of "the S word"

  5. Haha. i like this one mom!

  6. Hi there! Life sure has been crazy since the move...and I am still feeling behind b/c of the Holidays and hubby working long hours. I have not had much time to blog and I miss it.

    Now that I am in FL...seeing snow fall on that castle is funny to me lol It's 72 here today!

    Yep, the life of a family dog is like none other. Along those lines, I'll be posting about a little Christmas surprise soon. : )

  7. Aaawwwhh, so cute. I always get tired after reading too! lol So funny that she likes to nibble an envelope. My dog is lazy everyday.

  8. Hi, Cathy~

    LOL! What a cutie! I have a "lazy" picture from today too, although I don't think Skippy would appreciate it if I posted it! :> 0


  9. That is too cute. I find our doggie like that often. LOL

  10. This sweet pup has it made!!! Enjoy your weekend!

  11. so the envelope is like a pacifier? that is weird! ha!


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