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Friday, May 14, 2010

Flashback Friday

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How old were you when you got your first (paying) job? Did you work during the school year? What stipulations, if any, did your parents put on spending, saving, etc.? What types of jobs did you have you were, oh, 21 or 22? Did you go to college or a technical/trade school? If so, did you work while you were pursuing your post-high school education? What were your favorite -- and least favorite, if you wish to share! -- jobs? What did you learn from those early jobs?

I got my first paying job the week after I turned 16.  I worked at Kings Island Amusement Park in a small gift shop in the front gate area.  I loved that job.  I finished the summer there and then I went back the next summer and worked in the same shop.  The next 2 summers I worked at Kings Island running the switchboard and also in communications (the radio room). During the school year I worked at a couple secretarial positions (I hated being a secretary) 

My parents never had any rules about spending the money I made.  I wished they had though, cause maybe I would've saved more.  

I didn't go to college at all.  A month after I turned 19 I started working at our local police department.  The training I had in communications' center at Kings Island definitely helped and the fact that my dad knew the Chief of Police didn't hurt either.  33 and a half years later, I'm still working there.  I'm no longer full-time communications, but still help out in there quite often.  Now I'm the Administrative Assistant.  It's been a good career and I definitely feel it was a gift from God.

To give you a bit of an idea how the job has changed over the years.  When I started there we used a manual typewriter.  We asked for an electric typewriter and they told us no because what would you do if the electric went out (uh, how about get the manual back out or use pen and paper til it comes back on).  Eventually we talked them into the electric and now we are fully computerized, which is pretty cool.  Plus there was no such thing as E-911 then either.  We sure have it now and it scares me to death every time it rings when I'm in there by myself.  That's a lot of responsibility for one person.  Fortunately, for me and for the citizens of our fine town, I'm not by myself in there very often.  lol

So there's my entire working career in a nutshell.  Now why don't you go over to Mocha With Linda's site and join in on this Flashback Friday Fun.

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  1. Loved reading your memories.

    I can't imagine being the one to answer the 911 calls!

  2. Huge responsibility on that job.
    It sounds like you've had a great career, loved reading this :)

  3. wow, I can't imagine being at the same job for over 33 years. That is so cool!!

  4. That is awesome that you have kept the same job so long. YOu are the pro at that place. I am not sure why I thought all along that you worked at the church. Hmmm?

  5. Answering the 911 calls would scare me to death even if I wasn't alone! Bless you!

    I am just amazed that you've worked in the same place forever. I have had so many jobs I can't remember them all!

  6. I would love to have an admin job like that! How fortunate you are!

    I had one about a year ago on a part time basis, it was a great job working for not so great employer which was not a good combination. I have been praying the God will open the door for me to find another position that will be just the right thing for me.

    I am thankfully that our household does not depend on my income so it wasn't big hardship when the job went away!


  7. Thanks for sharing your memories. That's neat you have had that job for so long and it was interesting to read how things have changed.

    Have a nice weekend!

    (PS: I like how you have your followers across the top of your blog. I haven't seen that before and I noticed it!)

  8. I would think being a 911 operator would be a high stress job! Pretty cool that your high school experience paid off for you in your adult life!

  9. Hey Cathy!
    Walks down memory lane are a blast! I hadn't thought about electric typewriters in years. I remember loving mine when I worked for Honeywell in Atlanta. It was the kind with the ball that rotated....I thought it was the bomb!!

    Fast forward to today and my MAC computer my kids gave me....FABULOUS!!!

    Loved reading your "history"!! Isn't amazing how we all can be soo different----different parts of the country, backgrounds, etc. and be sooo much the same!! You made me smile today with this post!!

    Sweet Blessings!

  10. Hi, Cathy~

    WOW.....that sure beats my job working at Burger King! lol I loved getting to learn more about you.

    Great post!



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