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Friday, July 23, 2010

Flashback Friday - Food for Thought

Prompt for Flashback Friday:

The late James Beard, a well-known American chef of the twentieth century, said, "Food is our common ground, a universal experience." For some, food is simply sustenance, fuel for the body's tasks. To others, food means friendship, comfort, and happiness. Few things can evoke such polarized reactions, both positive and negative, as food.

Possibly the worst thing a husband can say to his wife is, "That's not the way my mother fixed it." Food is an integral part of many memories and just the mention or smell of certain foods can transport us back in time and place and make us smile (or gag!).
 What were meals like when you were growing up? Did your mom (or dad) cook (and was it from scratch or from a box?) or did your family eat out much of the time? Did you eat together as a family or was everyone on a different schedule? What did you call meals? (Dinner vs. supper, lunch, etc.) What were some of your favorite things that your parent fixed? What did you dislike and vow never to fix once you grew up? Did your family have any food traditions, things that were a must on certain occasions (such as Sunday dinners or holiday meals)? Did your parent teach you to cook or did you wing it once you were grown? How similar or different are your family's eating habits today than when you grew up?

My Answers:

Growing up we always had a family dinner which we called supper when my dad got home from work.  I remember meals such as fried chicken and mashed potatoes and green beans or pork chops with mashed potatoes or macaroni.  Then there were nights with soup beans and cornbread.  I never liked soup beans but I loved the cornbread (unless she put cracklins in them...yuck).  Then sometimes she make liver and onions.  We girls hated liver, including my mom, but she'd make us eat it because grandma told her that we needed to eat it.  She'd make it, but she wouldn't eat it, even though she made us.  So glad she finally decided she wasn't gonna make us anymore no matter what grandma said. haha   Something else she made that I hated was lima beans.  Still hate to this day...at least I think I do.  I actually don't think I've had a lima bean since I was a kid.  Don't plan to either.

Mom did most of the cooking in our family when we were growing up.  But my dad is the one that taught her to cook.  She was only 17 when she got married and she'd always worked in the barn and grandma hadn't taught her to cook, so my dad did.  He taught her to drive too.  Anyway, I wish I could cook half as good as she does, but alas, I didn't inherit the cooking gene.

I remember all the family get-togethers growing up too.  All my aunts and my grandma were great cooks too.  One of my all time favorite things they made were dumplings.  Man my grandma made the best and my mom's aren't too shabby either.  I was always glad when there were leftovers so I could have them later.  lol  Maybe that's why I look like I look now.  

For family dinners now, my dad cooks about as much as my mom does.  He makes some of the best cookies and cakes around and I've never tasted peanut butter fudge that's any better than his.  When we were little he'd make it and then let us kids take a spoon and scrape the pan to get any leftovers.  He still makes it all the time.  And we all love it and so does everyone else that's ever tried it.  In fact, someone created a group on FB in honor of his fudge.  It's called "Jim Sempsrott's Peanut Butter Fudge Fan Page"  Check it out if you want.  Actually my sister can make it now too.  He talked me through it before and it turned out pretty good, but I refuse to learn to make it (or my mom's dumplings too) because I'd be as big as a barn if I could have them anytime I wanted them. lol

I guess that's enough for now.  Why don't you click HERE and go join up with Linda at Mocha with Linda and play along on Flashback Friday.  We'd love to hear about your food memories too.


  1. This was a fun post. My mom made liver and onions too, which I hated as a child then eventually liked. But I did like the fried chicken liver. I quit eating liver when my husband commented that it seemed weird to eat an organ that was essentially the body's garbage filter! LOL

    That's neat about your dad. My dad never cooked unless my mom was sick or gone. And my husband doesn't cook either. I'll have to check out the fudge. But I'm like you - if I make it, I'll eat it!

  2. you know I actually have tasted lima beans as an adult and they are good, but I just can't eat them!!! Isn't it funny how your mind works?!

    my dad can't boil water! ha!

  3. soup beans and cornbread..one of my FAVS!

    liver and onions...nope.

    lima beans...I LOVE limas with cornbread, their broth is yummy.

    He taught her to drive too--awesome!


    "Jim Sempsrott's Peanut Butter Fudge Fan Page" Check it out if you want...alright!

  4. My mom makes the BEST penuche (brown sugar fudge) that I have ever had anywhere! She offered to teach me but I told her that would be too dadgummed dangerous! :) Enjoyed reading your memories!

  5. Cathy, I love that your dad cooked just as much as your mom. My dad always made Sunday breakfast consisting of scrambled eggs, bacon and toast. Even at 81 years of age, he continues to do that but of course, I'm not there to enjoy it.

    Thanks for stopping by and visiting me on Heart Choices.

    Blessings and love,

  6. My dad taught my mom to cook, too, but by the time I came along, she was doing it all on her own.

  7. Hi, Cathy~

    This was such a great post. It brought back some fond memories. I love liver and onions but hate lima beans with a passion! lol Fried chicken and mashed potatoes are a FAVORITE of mine.

    My dad was a good cook, but no one outdid my mom!

    Thank you for taking me back to such wonderful days!


  8. I don't like lima beans or brussel spouts and my parents loved them, so we had to eat 'em. I don't like liver either.

    I don't remember most of the meals my mom cooked, but I do remember a jambalya that my dad would make and I loved it. I also loved pancakes at dinner!

  9. My dad ran the BBQ and made a great pot of coffee, but other than that he did not cook. I am not even certain he knew how to make a sandwich!

  10. I really enjoyed hearing about your food memories. My Mum would always cook things from scratch. My favorite was her meat and potato pie. I cooked it myself recently and it was gorgeous. I don't really enjoy cooking all that much but I do enjoy eating!
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

  11. This is such a fun post. I enjoyed hearing about them. Fortunately, I grew up when liver & onions were considered unhealthy rather than healthy. Your parents' recipes sound great...especially that fudge.


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