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Friday, July 9, 2010

Flashback Friday

It's time for Flashback Friday!  Click here to join up and play along.

Now here is this weeks prompt:
Were you prone to accidents and injuries when you were growing up? Did you ever break a bone? Knock out any teeth? Get stitches? Have you ever ridden in the back of an ambulance? Did you ever have surgery or spend any time in a hospital? How did your folks treat injuries and illnesses? With lots of TLC or by telling you to get a stiff upper lip? Was there a particular home remedy that your mom (or dad or whoever!) used or any "traditions" involving injuries or illnesses? What's the worst injury (or illness) you had when you were growing up? 

No I really was prone to accidents and injuries.  I had my share of bumps and bruises, but I've never had a broken bone or stitches (except when my wisdom teeth were extracted & when I had surgery once).  I never knocked out any teeth either.  I did ride in an ambulance as an adult once when I was being moved from one hospital to another for some tests.  I don't really recall my parents babying us to much with injuries.  The one thing I remember was every time we had a cut or scrape they would put mecurochrome on it and then a bandaid.  We kids hated that stuff.  We always called it jumping up and down medicine because we'd always jump up and down and holler because it stung so bad.  Do any of you remember that.  It stained your skin red.
I never really had any traumatic illnesses or injuries growing up.  Thank you God for protecting me.  Makes for a rather boring Flashback post, but I'm glad that's the way it was.


  1. I do remember that stuff... didnt remember the name... but I remember that color on everyone's skin... weird.

  2. We were a Bactine family. LOL I need to go make my boring post too!

  3. LOL. Another mecurochrome memory!

    Enjoyed your healthy memories!

  4. My worst was last year when I broke my ankle. And then fell down the steps twice trying to balance on my crutches!

  5. I'm glad to know that I wasn't the only one with a safe, boring childhood! I do remember mecurochrome...I was allergic to it!

  6. Gram always scrubbed my cuts with a bristled brush and then painted Mercurochrome on me!

  7. My husband still swears by Mercurochrome or Merthiolate or whatever that stuff is! He has a burn on his arm right now. I tried to talk him into Neosporin and a bandage. Nothing doing! Yesterday I came in and it was bright red! At first I panicked and then I realized what he had done! Sure enough ... he painted the burn with that red stuff! Crazy man!

  8. i was the same way...although my tooth had to be pulled because I hit it and caused the root to die.
    Other than that...not many injuries. I don't remember that stuff. Hmmmm

  9. I was thinking ym folks used iodine, but maybe it was mecurochrome -- it stained red and it stung! I was so glad someone invented Bactine.

    Glad you had a relatively safe childhood.

  10. Ahhhh, mecurochrome! I completely forgot about that stuff! We used to call it "Monkey Blood".

  11. oh yes..the red stuff!! My daddy used that on us for most everything!

    I missed Flashback Friday this week... :(


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