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Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend Wrap-up at a Defined Life

I'm joining in with "A Defined Life" for the Weekend Wrap-up. Why not click the button and join in too.  All in all, we had a pretty quiet weekend, but I still found a few things to take pictures of.

Friday evening - After work.
Watching a Disaster Movie and crocheting.  Trying to get a baby blanket finished.

It actually rained for awhile.  First time we've had to use windshield wipers in quite awhile.

Lunch at a newly opened Panda Express.  Pretty good food.  Steamed rice, black pepper chicken and chicken & green beans

Quick shopping trip at Wally World

Kerri and I went and saw Brave.  We really liked it

Heading out to visit my parents and noticed the neighbor's cat was sitting on their car.  Just had to take a picture.  So cute.

2 Church services and went to lunch with hubby's parents.  Sunday evening relaxed at home.  Looks like Lily couldn't decide with was cooler, the wood or the tile floor. 


  1. We saw Brave this weekend too. I thought it was cute, my husband said he was good with it till the wife turned into a bear. ha!

  2. You did better at remembering to take photos of your weekend ... I can remember to take photos of the exciting stuff, but if I have an unexciting weekend like this last one, I just don't seem to remember to take photos.

    I saw Brave with DD and the 2 older Ts. I liked it ... although it was a little scary when the mama (bear) had to fight the big/mean bear. I don't know if it will be a DVD that I'll add to my library. ;-)

  3. Cathy,
    I watch a lot or all of Donna Downey's videos- www.donnadowney.com under blog.. She is so fun and comes up with great ideas. If you can't draw it, write it,add on some fun tails to the letters and color them in. Next week is Camping- so use words like, tent, picnic, lantern,ants, water, sleeping bag, camp fire.

  4. Looks like a WallyWorld kind of weekend! Wasn't sure how good Brave was; think I'll wait until it comes out on DVD. It's been raining a LOT here...just about every day for the past week.

  5. Brave is good, isnt it? A little scary - but good!

    A movie with yarn is always a good night! :)

  6. I love disaster movie as well. In the end, the world comes together and comes up with a plan to save them all!! Love that part! Loved the dog photo, he really does look like he is trying to figure out what is cooler.

  7. We badly need rain here...keeps threatening but then we'll only get a drop or two. My plants are so wilty.

  8. Brave was a pretty good movie, and nothing better than crocheting! I'm working on washcloths right now. :)

  9. Hi Cathy! Sorry I'm just getting around to visit your link! I haven't opened my laptop since I created my post. I'ts been one of those weeks! Sometimes the uneventful weekends are the best! I admire that you can crochet. I have never tried that or knitting. Maybe I'll give it a whirl one of these days! Thanks for joining in!


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