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Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

It's been a good week so far and here are a few fragments from my week.

Hubby made chili Monday night for supper and we ate it as 3 ways.  So very good. Hubby makes the best chili around!  Then I had it for lunch on Tuesday at work and gave my parents a dish of it and they had it for lunch on Wednesday.  Hubby had it again Thursday night for supper.  This was the pot of chili that just kept on giving. haha 

Tuesday was Bible study night.  We had another great lesson from Beth Moore's study on James.  Now I just need to get busy on this weeks homework.  Have I told you before that I am totally in love with the ladies in our group.  We have such a great time together.  We go from age 18 to about age 82.  There is so much love and life experiences shared and I can't think of any place I'd rather be on Tuesday nights.  Plus I got to spend time holding 9 week old Carina too.  It just doesn't get any better.

Wednesday night we took Kerri to her youth meeting and then hubby and I went to Hot Heads for dinner and then parked the car at the church and waited on Kerri.  It was a very nice relaxing time together.  Then we went home and watched the season openers of NCIS and NCIS LA.  I love both of these shows.

Thursday was just a relaxing night at home.  Supper was an on your own night and we watched the Season Opener of "The Middle".  Do any of you watch this show?  I swear it just cracks me up.  Some of the things the parents say, are so much like hubby and me.  We just look at each other an smile.  If you've never seen it and you have teenagers, I definitely recommend to watch it.

Country Applefest will be in our town tomorrow.  I'll be working 8 hours OT to help in dispatch during the festival so I won't get to go.  But if you're nearby, its a good way to spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  Here's a link to their website.

Just for fun here's a video of the Dapper Dan's that I filmed while in Disney World.  Hope you enjoy it.


  1. I wanna go to Disney... bwwaahh... (I'm crying)

    Love those moments where you can just sit & relax!

    mmmm... cooler weather always makes me want to make chili... put it on a potato with cheese on top? My belly is growling!

  2. We'll be in Disney World in just a little over 7 months ... I cannot wait!

    I always wondered if I'd like NCIS LA, too. I ought to watch an episode and see ... but if I did, then I'd have to start renting the previous seasons on it so I could catch up. Are the character interactions as good on NICS LA as they are on NCIS?

    Our white chili is just about gone ... maybe it's time for "regular" chili ... my hubby makes a mean pot of chili, too.

  3. County Applefest looks like fun. Sorry you have to miss it. Yes I watch middle and it makes me laugh too!


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