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Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Fragments

Unknown Mami

It's time again for Friday Fragments. Click the button above to join in and play along.

I've been doing a lot of reading this week and have totally been enjoying it. Currently I'm reading book 2 in the Kensington Chronicles by Lori Wick. It's called "Wings of the Morning". I forgot just how good this series really is.

I'm also reading Francis Chan's "Crazy Love".

I just ordered the Gideon Bible Study by Priscilla Shirer. Beth Moore is hosting a summer Bible study on this on her blog. I know I'm behind, but hopefully it will come in quick and I can catch up with everyone. It sounds really good. Can't wait.

Have you tried the new Pink Lemonade Freezes at Taco Bell?  Oh my goodness!  They are purely amazing!  I can tell I'm gonna gain 10 pounds this summer from them alone.  haha

Yumminess! (this picture is from the internet)

Carina's mommy called me yesterday at work. She wasn't feeling well and was having dizzy spells (possible ear infection), so hubby and I went home to help out. She decided she needed to go to the doctor, so we all went. While she was with the doctor, hubby and I watched Carina in the waiting room. We weren't there long and she conked out. I just think this picture is so adorable of her, so I wanted to share it with you all.

Chillin' in the waiting room.

Don't you just wish we could do this while waiting on the doctor.  Anyway, mama's feeling a little better today, but if you have time I'm sure she'd appreciate a quick prayer.

The funny thing is, later that evening I took Carina out on the front porch to relax in the rocker.  We were just sitting there enjoying the sunshine and the breeze and the chimes playing.  It wasn't long and she leaned back on me and went sound asleep again.  There's just something about me that if a baby sits with me very long, they go to sleep!  I'm not sure if I'm boring or maybe with my extra padding I'm just really comfy!  lol

That's about all the fragments I have at the moment.  Hope you all have a great weekend!!


  1. What a sweet picture that is. My grands never would fall asleep like that ... had to be in their beds, with their lovies, etc.

  2. I love when my grandbabies were little - I'd rock outside at night to put them to bed. Now they're much too busy for rocking :)

    I am so excited Taco Bell has veggie fajitas too - they are really good actually!!!

    you'll be able to catch up... we have 2 weeks to do the first 2 chapters... so if it takes a week to get there, you can just double time... the chapters aren't really that long anyways!

    I'll lift up a prayer for Carina's momma!

  3. Oh - you mean you're NOT supposed to sleep in the chairs like that ;) haha!

  4. Nothing's more precious than a sleeping little one! Yours is no exception.

  5. I read WINGS OF THE MORNING TOO and liked it--very good book!

  6. Oh my goodness she is just beautiful - a little angel - I hope she feels better soon. sandie

  7. That is a wonderful picture of Carina.


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