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Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

We had a nice weekend. Saturday we got up early and went to an early bird showing of "God's Not Dead". Absolutely excellent movie.  If you haven't heard of this movie, here's the trailer.

I would recommend everyone to see this. It is very thought provoking. So much so that we ended up discussing this in my Sunday School Class. I teach 10th grade boys right now and it was interesting to talk to them about this and hear what they thought. Of course, 10th grade boys don't always talk a lot, but I could tell they were at least thinking about it and I hope we'll be able to talk some more this next week about it. I just want them to be so grounded in the faith, that if they face situations like this, they'll really know what they believe and why.

After seeing the movie, we went to lunch at Don Pablo's.  I absolutely love this place.  Then we ran some errands and went home.  While we were out I bought the movie, "Saving Mr. Banks."  I seldom buy movies, but I had to have this one.  Oh, and I have to have "Frozen" too, but they were sold out at the store we were out, so I'll have to get it later.

I worked on some Bible Study lessons and the we went to my parents and visited with the family.  My brother and sister who have both been so ill, were both there.  They are doing better and I'm praying God will continue to be with them.  It was so fun being there and laughing and talking all together.  Everyone was there, except my baby brother and his wife.  We missed them, but had a good time anyway.

After that, Tracy and I went home and we watched "Saving Mr. Banks."  I loved it probably even more this time than in the theater.  Hubby seemed to like it too.  Here's the trailer for it.

Sunday was church and out to lunch with hubby's family.  A good time was had by all. :)

And that was my weekend.  What did you all do?


  1. Good morning! I am soo glad you posted this as I didn't realize that movie was out yet...I am VERY anxious to see it. And I love to hear someone's personal view on it. I would have loved to have heard that discussion in your Sunday school class. I bet it was a good one. Enjoy your week!

  2. I haven't seen either of these movies...but I'd sure like to! Thanks for the 'heads up'!

  3. You had a great weekend! :) I didn't even know God is not Dead was out! One of my youth kiddos saw it & said it was amazing!

  4. Saving Mr. Banks is definitely on my list of DVDs to rent. And we may make an exception and go see God's Not Dead in the theater rather than waiting for it to come out on DVD. We like to support Christian move makers and think that buying tickets to see them in the theater sends a better message to them and to Hollywood.

  5. I plan on buying Saving Mr. Banks and I'm glad you liked it even more than in the show. (I loved it in the show and can't wait to see it again) I read on someone else's blog about the movie God's Not Dead and I can't wait to see it!
    Hopefully I will see it this week.

  6. You've convinced me: I'm going to have to buy Saving Mr. Banks. I almost bought it yesterday, but I haven't seen it yet so I hesitated. I don't even know that I've heard of "God's Not Dead". Will definitely have to check it out!

  7. So glad to read your brother and sister are doing better. Happy you got to spend time with them. I want to see Gods Not Dead, but haven't seen any listings around us. On the waiting list at our library for Saving Mr. Banks. 10th grade boys would be a hard class to teach, many blessing to you for that!!

  8. Sounds like a great weekend! I tried to watch Frozen on Friday, but I was so wiped out from my busy week that I suddenly fell asleep after only a few minutes and wasted the $6 OnDemand rental! :( Maybe I'll get back to it this week, since everyone raves about it. I liked Saving Mr. Banks, too. God bless you for working with teens boys at church! :)

  9. I have always liked any movie Tom Hanks has worked in. Haven't seen his new one yet. We drove to see my parents on the weekend and stayed over night with my sister and her hubby. Came home on Monday.

  10. I haven't seen the movie yet, but a few women in my Bible Study this morning mentioned it, and said it's so well done. I hope I can see it before it leaves the theatre!


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