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Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Fragments and Friday Four Fill-In Fun

Half-Past Kissin' Time

It's time for Friday Fragments. 

*With so many health issues going on in my family right now, I haven't taken much time for blogging.  I do still try to read some blogs most days, but I don't have to much to write about.  I think that's why I like Friday Fragments so much.  I can just give you little snippets of things.

*I've been crafting some in the evenings again.  I made the cutest little orange baby hat, I'm going to try to put a little green stem or something on the top and make it into a little pumpkin hat.  Watch for it in my Etsy Shop real soon (see my right sidebar).

*Now, I'm working on a multi-colored scarf.  I learned how to make this scarf on a knitting loom from a video on YouTube and I just happened to already have this yarn.  Let me tell you, I really like it and can't wait to get it finished.

*Speaking of YouTube...do you like it as much as I do?  I love being able to find out how to do just about anything by watching one of the videos there.  I cannot tell you all the things I've learned from those videos.

*Hubby and I have been watching some TV this week.  We've checked a couple of the new shows.  I think I'm gonna like NCIS New Orleans, Scorpion and Madame Secretary and, of course, Survivor.  Having some decent things on TV again is really helping with my crafting projects too.  Nothing better than doing some crafting while watching TV and relaxing with my hubby and my puppy!  haha

*I've been seeing this Friday Fill-Ins on my friend's blog (http://retired-not-tired.blogspot.com/) for a long time and I've enjoyed reading her answers and getting to know her more. So, this Friday, I decided to play along.

Feeling Beachie

The statements:

I __ when I ___
___ are my ___ fruit
___ is my favorite part of summer
_____ helps me relax

My Answers:

I love it when I complete a new crafting project.
Watermelon and Bananas are my most favorite fruit.
Bright blue skies and big fluffy while clouds are my favorite part of summer.
Watching TV, crafting, and taking a good nap helps me relax.

That's all for me today.  Why not join in with both of these memes?

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. oh my survivor. The best. Next week we will get some action. Hmmmm. Looks like a real fight going on.

    The new CS1. Not keen on it. I found if boring. I need real action. Then other nights. I am in the craft room also on the computer. Like your pretty color of background. That is another color of sweater I bought. Myself a dressy hoody.

    Oh when I first seen your profile. I thought. oh somewhere has a sweater like mine. Yours looke purple.
    I like purple and navy blue for Fall. Happy Friday.

  2. I too found some escape (so to speak) in my sewing after my mother passed away. It just occupies your mind as you (as I say) move along with life. Glad you are enjoying some crafting. And yes, tutorials are WONDERFUL! I have basically taught myself to quilt using these. And MANY of the sewing projects I work on as well came from quick tutorials. I am practically addicted to them! lol Still praying for your mom, hope all is going well. Enjoy your week-end!

  3. I got Survivor on my DVR to catch up this weekend.
    I go to YouTube to learn EVERYTHING... I'm actually watching it on my other monitor right now watching new loom ideas :)

  4. We've been enjoying some of the new fall shows, too, especially Survivor. Have Madam Secretary recorded, but haven't watched it yet.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. We are watching Dancing with the stars. Being ballroom dancers we like to critique tha dancers. So glad you enjoyed the fill in fun.

  6. I love finishing a craft project. I post it everywhere and show it off as much as possible lol. I do in progress posts too...

  7. Isn't youtube great for learning stuff and seeing funny stuff too?
    Have a watermelon banana weekend.

  8. Watermelon is my FAVORITE fruit then nectarines.

    I love naps. :)

    ENJOY your weekend. Love your blog...so pretty and fresh looking.

    Silver's Reviews
    My Follow Friday Four Fill-In

  9. Oooh, a good watermelon-- You can't beat it. Nice and cold on a hot day. Yum!

    Hope all the health issues are getting worked out and all are on the mend.

    I'm glad decent TV is back again too. It seemed like a really long summer with nothing to watch. I'm a Scandal and Good Wife fan.

    Happy Friday Fragments

  10. Sorry for the health issues! There is just so many suffering with various maladies.

    Yes, TV has gotten better the past couple of weeks. Hubby really likes NCIS New Orleans.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  11. Bright blue skies are the best! Have a great weekend! :)

  12. Bright skies & fluffy clouds are the best. I love deciding what the clouds look like!

  13. A baby pumpkin hat sounds adorable! And I love multicolored scarves - they go with everything. Hope the health problems get better. That's always stressful. Have a nice weekend!

  14. I like watching Parenthood and The Biggest Loser again. I used to watch Survivor but don't like the blood/water theme of them playing against family members.

  15. I think I would like finishing a craft project but lately I have just looked at the ones I have started. I'm all for naps!

  16. I'm watching Outlander with my mom right now - I remember reading the book ages ago and thinking Jamie Fraser was THE MAN!! oh my. not sure I am feeling to so much with the TV show.
    I tend to always do something else that's creative - like a craft - when watching TV. I guess I don't feel so lazy then. ha

  17. Bright skies and huge puffy clouds are a great part of summer. I forgot that I love the monsoon's of summer, when we get a decent one.

  18. Me too, I can't get caught up and haven't felt well since August 22nd. Praying your family is getting well and keeping them in my prayers. I thought Scorpion was pretty good and I like Madame Secretary too! Enjoyed your Fill-ins. I join in from time to time.......


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