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Friday, August 7, 2015

Thankful Thursday and Pictures of My Week Volume 11

I was having medical tests run yesterday and didn't much feel like writing a post.  However I don't want to miss being intentionally thankful.

Because of my mother's diagnosis of cancer late last year and because of my brother's death last year from cancer, my doctor felt it was important for me to not wait the full 10 years for a colonoscopy and she also wanted and also wanted a scan of my esophagus because that is where my brother's cancer started.  So, yay I got to do the prep (which can I say is just pretty nasty tasting haha) on Wednesday and then went yesterday afternoon for the actual tests.  Everything was great on the lower end and they took one biopsy in the esophagus, but she really thinks its just from reflux, but wanted to test it for sure.   I should get the results in about a week.   She is starting me on prilosec and then I'll go back in 6 weeks to see if it is healing.  So, I am thankful for doctors who care and want to take precautions. 

I'm thankful that now these tests are over, I can go out this weekend and really celebrate my birthday!

Below are some pictures from my week and at least one of these I posted earlier in the week.

Little Carina eating chicken strips and refusing to smile for me

I love the sky in this picture, and if you look closely you'll see the hot air balloon I was trying to get a picture of.
Another thing I am thankful for is my friend that brought me these beautiful flowers last week from her yard.  I have enjoyed them everyday for over a week.  God creates such wonderful and beautiful things for our enjoyment.
Here and below are some single photos of the flowers I received last Monday.  Over a week later and these were still beautiful
My phone camera just doesn't do them justice.  These were a bright orange.

And this was a brighter orange-red color.
I love my Bible app that allows me to make these signs and this is a favorite verse and of course, if you've been here before, you know how I feel about the ocean!
Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Good for you for staying on top of your health. I need to schedule a colonoscopy & keep putting it off :(
    Reflux is a booger. It causes so many problems people don't even think about.

  2. So thankful your tests are behind you :) Your flowers are really beautiful, too. What a thoughtful friend!
    Hope you have a fun-filled weekend of birthday celebration!!!
    Kathy (from Reflections by Kathy)

  3. That prep work is horrible! So glad all was well with that and praying for perfect results from your biopsy.

  4. so thankful the tests came out good. the flowers are beautiful. enjoy your birthday.

  5. Glad to hear that your doctor is proactive ... and thankful that your test results were good. A favorite Bible verse set on a picture of a favorite place - awesome!


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