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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Progress

Here's where I stand on my Christmas List (which has mostly been in my head), but now it will be here for me to look at.

1.  Christmas tree -- up and decorated

2.  Other Home Decorations -- done (unless one of the girls wants to add something else)

3.  Church Christmas Dinner & Auction -- was this last Sunday and I'd say it was a wonderful success

4.  Present Shopping -- completed except for some aftershave & gift cards & stocking stuffers

5.  Presents -- all wrapped and under the tree  (except for the ones that go to other places)

6.  Handmade Gifts -- I'm in the process of making a gift for my family's gift exchange.  I really need to get myself in gear on this one.

7.  Christmas Cantata -- Hubby and I attended my brother and sister's church Sunday night and saw their cantata.  The music was beautiful and I enjoyed it so much.

8.  Watch "White Christmas" -- waiting on oldest daughter to come home.  It's tradition that we watch it together.

9.  Giving Tree Gifts -- bought, wrapped & turned in

10. Christmas Baskets -- working up to this, shopping for most will be done online & picked up at store, the rest hubby and I will pick up on Friday or Saturday to be given out on Sunday

11. Candlelight Service -- coming Sunday evening

12. Enjoy the holidays -- already in progress and looking forward to the upcoming days.

I'm trying so hard to not let the stress of all that needs to be done get to me this year.  I want to just enjoy the process this year instead of stressing over it all.  I hope you are enjoying your holidays too and that you are looking forward to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.


  1. Your doing great! My tree's are done and decorations are up. Packages mailed out of town yesterday and cards got in the mail today. I have a few gift cards to buy but I haven't wrapped any gifts for the house yet. I now have to make my lists for grocery shopping and meals we will have while Adam & Tristen stay with us. I still need to watch White Christmas and It's a Wonderful Life plus maybe a few more. I've been watching all the Hallmark movies so I haven't had time for my collection. How awesome that you make handmade gifts. You go girl!!!

  2. I think you are more ahead on your list then I am on mine! lol We had our Christmas Cantata at church last Sunday, really put me in the Christmas spirit!


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