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Monday, January 23, 2017


Hubby and I babysat the grandbaby yesterday for the first time.  His mommy was working and asked if we'd like to keep him.  It was so fun to get to spend the time with him.

It was Sunday so we picked him up early and took him to Sunday School and church with us.  He did so good.  Of course, hubby is the pastor, so he couldn't help once church started.  But we have such wonderful people at our church and one of the ladies volunteered to help.  About halfway through Sunday School he tuckered out.  It put him on a blanket in his grandpa's office and he was out like a light within 5 minutes.  Then during the service, I'm the pianist, which means we both have to be up front.  But again, that lady took care of him.  She's got a new grandbaby on the way and I think she was wanting to get back into practice with a little one.  I so loved having him at church with us.

Sleeping in grandpa's office
 After church we went out for lunch.  We met my hubby's parents, so little Colton got to spend time with his great grandparents too.  He was so good.  We held him before the food came and then I put him in his seat and he just sat there so content while we ate.  After we finished eating and were just sitting and talking, finally his grandpa got a chance to hold him.  It didn't take long before he fell asleep in his arms.  I guess grandpa's got the touch.  lol

In the van on the way to lunch
  I found out he loves for you to sing to him.  When he got upset (like being in his carseat when he didn't want to be) I started singing "Jesus Loves Me" to him and he would just almost immediately calm down. In the van, hubby was harmonizing along with me and it was so much fun.   That thrilled this grandma's heart that he liked to hear me and his grandpa sing.  The above picture is after he'd been so upset and crying in his car seat.  See how happy he is after the singing.

Great grandma with her first great grandchild.  Aren't they just the cutest.

back in his car seat after Grandpa put him to sleep.

I was a little scared to keep him because he's just so little.  See my youngest was 2 years old when she came to be with us.  So, I never have done a lot with babies.  But all went well, so I hope we'll get more opportunities to be with him.  I so love being grandma.  One thing I did figure out is why God gives babies to young people.  I was completely worn out when he left.  Took an hour nap before evening service.  lol



  1. Friend - that is so the truth!!!!! The energy it takes to keep up with them. Wait till he starts moving around - Start the training now ;) haha
    I bet he's just going to get ate up with love at the church.
    I would have loved to hear the two of you singing/harmonizing together myself. What a wonderful thing to comfort him with.

  2. What a precious little doll....soo glad you got this time with him. I know what you mean though, anymore babies are pretty exhausting. Especially when they get to moving around, lol. Have a good week!

  3. Yes,babies and little ones will wear you out, but at least we get to give them back. That's the best part! He's such a little cutie, glad you had that special time with him.

  4. Hi Cathy!
    It's probably been two years since I left a comment... but I've kept you in my prayers for quite some time! I'm grateful things are looking bright for you!
    I've been away from blogging from some time. I tried about a year ago to get back into it, but taking care of my 92 yr. old Dad was so overwhelming. He passed away just before Thanksgiving and we miss him dearly.

    Your grandson is just adorable!
    We now have 3 grandchildren and two more on the way! Grandchildren are such a blessing!
    Enjoy all your sweet little hugs and kisses... What precious moments!
    Many blessings to you and your family,
    ~ Maria

  5. Darling picture of great grandma and Colton! You are brave to babysit. But it's true, when they start to walk it's even more exhausting! Lol I used to sing 'Angels We Have Heard On High' to our youngest daughter when she was a baby and we were driving somewhere. She hated being restrained in a car seat and that always calmed her.

  6. Sounds like it was a perfect day. I love the pictures and he is just the cutest!


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