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Monday, December 9, 2019

My Weekend

We had a pretty quiet weekend.  Just the kind I like.

On Friday, hubby left work early and went to his mom and dad's to sit with his dad while his mom went to an eye doctor's appointment.  His dad was having a good day, so they decided to go for a drive and look at some special Christmas Light displays in nearby neighborhoods.  So when I got off work I went home and took care of the dog and they picked me up and off we went.  First we grabbed a sandwich at McDonalds so no one had to get out of the car and then we went to three different magnificent light displays.  They were coordinated with music, which we could listen to on the van radio.  So beautiful and so fun.  I so thankful that his dad felt like going and I think we had all a really good time being together.

After we got home hubby and I watched White Christmas, which is our annual thing and I loom-knitted a little.  Making a new hat for the grandson.

On Saturday, we actually slept in and then headed out to lunch at Red Lobster and then did some shopping, including some Christmas gifts.  While we were in Walmart we bought a 32" fiber optic Christmas tree.  We had decided not to put up a tree, but this was so cute and easy and now it feels like Christmas in the house.

That afternoon I went with older sister to visit our younger sister who is in assisted living.  We had fun just talking and being together (as we are most Saturdays).  Then Bev and I left and went to Kohls because she had some coupons.  She ended up not buying anything, so I got to use her discounts.  I bought 2 tops and a cute Mickey Mouse hoodie for my grandson.  Win win for me!

Saturday evening Tracy and I relaxed at home and watched another premiere Hallmark movie.

Sunday we had church and then grabbed a sandwich to take home.  Then we actually took a little nap.  I so love taking a Sunday afternoon nap.  We went back to church that night and then home to watch A Dollywood Christmas on Hallmark.  Cute movie.

So how was your weekend?

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  1. Ahh - look at all the Christmas spirit just flowing from your weekend!!! Love it.
    So grateful your FIL got to join you all & you got to make some fun Christmas memories!

  2. I LOVE that fiber-optic tree. Best of all, no ornaments needed! I agree, naps are a sweet indulgence. Some of my best sleep gets done on the leather loveseat!

  3. I am determined to get my looms out this winter and start learning how to do things besides hats. I bought the ones to make socks a couple of years ago and I have a big one that I should be able to make shawls or lap robes on.

    Christmas at Dollywood was cute!

    Have a wonderful and blessed week!

    1. I've made hats, scarves and headband/earwarmers, cup koozies and boot toppers so far. I've got one of the big ones too, but haven't made anything on it yet. I think I'd like to try socks sometime too.

      Hope you do find time to do some looming. It really is rather fun and YouTube is full of all kinds of help and patterns.

  4. It sounds like it was a perfect weekend. Love your tree and Hallmark movies are so good along with the classics from years past.


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