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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

A Sentence A Day - July 2020

My July one day at a time.

1 - Wednesday.  Work and then church to record Bible Study on FB Live

2 - Thursday.  Went to Kohl's and Walmart with my sister after work to pick up some stuff for Colton coming next week.

3 - Friday.  Relaxing evening at home with hubby.

4 - Saturday.  We participated in a parade at my sister's residential facility and then took a long drive out in the country for a very pleasant and quiet Independence Day.

5 - Sunday.  We had our first Sunday evening service at church live.

6 - Monday.  Work and then picked up Lucy and took her to vet to get her teeth cleaned the next day (they keep them overnight the night before so they don't eat.

7 - Tuesday.  Worked until noon and then Tracy and I and his mama went to the airport to pick up Kerri and Colton who will be in Ohio for the next 2 weeks.

On the tram heading to see Gigi and Papaw

8 - Wednesday.  Hubby was going to take me to pick up some lunch but the van wouldn't start so mechanic came and said we need a new battery which he installed after work.

9 - Thursday.  Had fun playing with Colton at the house.
"Gigi will you play Play-dough with me?"

10 - Friday.  We took Colton to Chucky Cheese and he had a blast playing the games.

11 - Saturday.  My first trip into an Ulta store and I actually bought some make-up stuff. lol

12 - Sunday.  Hubby and I kept Colton all day and took him to church and played and he wore me out.  lol

13 - Monday.  Kerri and Colton and I went shopping and out to lunch.  

14 - Tuesday.  Went to work and then home and relaxed with hubby for the evening as Kerri and Colton are with friends for a few days.

15 - Wednesday.  Completed this washcloth this evening.

16 - Thursday. Didn't write anything down, but I'm sure it was work and an evening at home.

17 - Friday.  Tried samples of ColorStreet Nails and I think I'm really going to love them.

18 - Saturday.  Waited to long to write for this day and I can't remember what we did.

19 - Sunday.  2 Church services today and I'm so glad to be with all (of course with masks & social distancing)

20 - Monday.  Work and then out to dinner and playtime with Colton this evening and also came home to a house with no air conditioning.

21 - Tuesday.  Kerri and Colton headed back to Texas but we squeaked every minute out of the day that we could to be together.

22 - Wednesday.  Air Conditioner was repaired, thank you God!

23 - Thursday.  Man is the house ever quiet after our grandson went home.

24 - Friday.  Can't remember other than I know I worked.

25 - Saturday.  Lunch at Texas Roadhouse and then a trip to Walmart and an evening at home.

26 - Sunday  Church and picked up lunch and went home for the afternoon and back to church for evening service.

27 - Monday.  Work and evening at home and got some cuddles with this little one.

28 - Tuesday.  Hubby put a beef roast in the slow cooker before work and it was delicious when we got home and added noodles, plus leftovers for lunch on Wednesday.

29 - Wednesday.  Work and then to church for live FB of a Bible Study on Paul.

30 - Thursday.  Spent some time crocheting on this new blanket I've started.

31 - Friday.  My father-in-law's first birthday in heaven so hubby and I got pizza and spent the evening with my mother-in-law.  


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  1. Sounds like you had a really wonderful visit with your grandson! Lots of yummy eating this month too.

  2. Ahhh - glad you got to have pizza with your MIL to still remember your FIL birthday.
    What a fun month with your little guy! So glad you got that time with him & your daughter.
    I've never been in Ulta & not sure I want to open that door - haha!!
    I LOVE the colorstreet color you picked - I love a good neutral!

    1. Ultra is not really my thing. I prefer to buy my stuff from Walmart.

  3. I love seeing all the photos of you and your Colton! I'm so glad you got to spend a big chunk of time with him this summer. There's nothing like those grandbabies, is there?

  4. Sounds like overall it was a great month. So glad you got to spend that time with Colton. I hope you have a fantastic August too :)

  5. Sounds like a fun and busy month! So wonderful you got spend time with your cute Colton. I know it was hard to see him go back home. They grow up so fast. I love that you document every day and keep track of what you did when. I don't remember what we did this morning. LOL have a blessed month of August. We will be waiting to hear about it!

    1. Thank you Pam. Sometimes I wait to long to write something and I can't remember either. If I'm lucky, I will have taken a picture that day and that helps remind me. I just kinda figure this is my journal and some day I'll enjoy looking back on what we did in 2020.

  6. Sounds like a rather expensive month with the car and AC issues. Seems like when it rains, it pours! Love the pictures of your grandson. I like playing Play-doh with my grands, too. Relaxing! Beautiful wash rag. I need some new ones for my kitchen. Just ordered and received my first Color Street nails. Hope I can apply them.


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