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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

A Sentence A Day - March 2021

 My March:

1 - Monday.  Hubby got his first Covid Vaccination today and then came home and grilled us burgers for dinner and I cleaned up and worked on knitting a scarf that so far I love.

2 - Tuesday.  Hubby is feeling good with only a sore arm from his shot and I created a hat and scarf, but not a matched set.  lol

3 - Wednesday.  After work we came home for supper and then went to the church for hubby to do his online live Bible Study on the book of Luke.

4 - Thursday.  Finally got the van back after work and then met my sister to go pick up our other sister and take her to the store.

5 - Friday.  Ordered a sparkly face mask to wear for the wedding, if needed.

6 - Saturday.  Hubby and I went out for a good steak and salad to finally celebrate our 32nd anniversary which was last month during all the snow issues.

7 - Sunday.  Church both morning and evening and a wonderful nap in the afternoon.

8 - Monday.  Back to work and hubby had put a roast in the crockpot before leaving for work which made for a really good dinner and also a couple lunches later in the week.

9 - Tuesday.  After work I ran into Aldi's and then we had chicken sandwiches for dinner and I made another hat while watching some TV.

10 - Wednesday.  Sloppy Joes for dinner after work and then hubby did online live Bible Study and then some laundry and TV and knitting for the evening.

11 - Thursday.  Picked up our wedding clothes at the seamstress after work.  We decided to have her shorten the sleeves on hubby's jacket and then we'll pick that up later.

12 - Friday.  After work went to dinner with hubby's mom and had Italian.

13-19 - I kinda dropped the ball for this week.  Just getting ready to travel to Florida for the wedding and I didn't record anything.  I know I worked all week and got things ready and packed, etc.

20 - Saturday.  We ran errands and finished packing and took Lucy to the kennel, sure do hate saying goodbye to her for 10 days.

21 - Sunday.  Packed the van and went to church and immediately after church we hit the road to Florida and stopped for the night just north of Atlanta.

22 - Monday.  We drove the rest of the way and that evening Kelli and Ralph got some McDonald's and brought it to our room so we could sit and visit for a short time.  Good thing we did, because we really didn't see them much again until Thursday night before the wedding.

This was the Florida Welcome Center, where we almost always stop and get a free glass of orange juice.

23 - Tuesday.  A relaxing day for hubby and me and for lunch we went to Ford's Garage which was delicious.

This was my meal.  Low Carb-uretor - Yummy!!

Hubbys - I don't know what it was called, but he liked it!

24 - Wednesday.  We picked up Colton so his mama could spend the day with her sister and the bridesmaids for the Bachelorette Party.

Park Play

I think he liked it

Coloring while waiting for lunch at Olive Garden

I think we wore him out.

Watching Disney cartoons

He loved the little cave we made him under the desk.

25 - Thursday.  Took Colton out for breakfast and then back to his mommy and then that evening we met up with everyone at a little sports bar and had a semi-rehearsal dinner which was very relaxed and fun being with everyone.

This was the first time we've all been together in probably at least 2 years.

26 - Friday.  Wedding Day!!

Right before I walked her down the aisle.

I love this photo!

Hubby relaxing after the ceremony

Love this picture of him.

It was in the 90's and this was getting later and I'm rather wilted, but no way I'd say no to a picture with my girls on this day.

27 - Saturday.  We met my cousin and her husband for lunch and had such a great time talking and catching up as it had been many years since we had seen them.

28 - Sunday.  Hubby and I decided to leave a day early...it had been a great week and we were tired and ready to be home.

29 - Monday.  We love being in a car together and this was a good day and we made it home around 4:00 or so.

30 - Tuesday.  Unpacking and relaxing

31 - Wednesday.  Hubby and I got our 2nd Covid shot.

So there's my month.  How was your March 2021?


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  1. Sounds like a great month. Time is flying by so quickly it already seems like March was a long time ago. I hope you both did well after having the second vaccine!

    1. We did. I had a slight fever and chills but they only lasted a very short time. Otherwise, we both did pretty well.

  2. That wedding looks lovely, lots of happy memories made!
    Can't believe you've had both vaccinations in one month - we have to wait 11 weeks here in the UK! It must feel good to know you've had them both.

    1. We have to wait 4 weeks is all here. So glad we were able to get them.

  3. Oh, how fun and special for all of you to be together for the wedding! Your daughter looked absolutely beautiful...and so did you! I get the wilted thing, though. It was nearly 100 degrees the day our daughter got married and I ended up with heat exhaustion, so I wasn't looking too good in the pictures. Love the pic of your handsome little man. He'll be beating them off soon enough! Happy Tuesday, Cathy!

  4. Ford's Garage is always fun and always good! Busy month but what a great wedding! Love the photos!! xo

    1. Thanks Terri. That was the 2nd time we've been to Ford's and we loved it both times. Looking forward to going back when we visit again.

  5. What a spectacular month! Your food looks amazing, and the bride is beautiful. So happy to see the explosion of masks' colors and designs. Hard to believe a year ago we were scrambling for ANY kind of face cover. Happy belated anniversary!

  6. What a great month - vaccines & weddings!!! WHOO HOO
    I want to see that sparkle mask on you :)

    1. I ended up not wearing it at the wedding, but now I use it all the time whenever I go out. As I've said before, if you gotta wear a mask, it might as well be a cute one.

  7. How fun to have gone tons wedding to Florida! I love a good road trip!

    I bet Lucy was excited to see you! I'd miss my dogs terribly over the course of 10 days!

    1. We really did have a good time but we were also very glad to get home to Lucy.

  8. Your girl was a beautiful bride, that color dress looks good on you, such a lovely time with family & the little one. Karen

  9. Wow! Both vaccines AND a wedding in the same month! I'm surprised you got anything else done!


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