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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

A Sentence a Day - May 2021

1 - Saturday.  Went to a favorite Mexican place for lunch and took my sister shopping.

2 - Sunday.  Church and a nice nap in the afternoon (if you can't tell, a Sunday afternoon nap is my favorite)

3 - Monday.  

4 - Tuesday.  

5 - Wednesday.  Prep work and temporary crown done.

6 - Thursday.  

7 - Friday.  We had a beautiful sky Friday while I was out with the dog.

8 - Saturday.  Went to lunch with my sister and her husband and then did some grocery shopping with my other sister  

9 - Sunday.  Celebrated Mother’s Day with my mother-in-law and had lasagna and talked with both our  girls too. 

10 - Monday.  Had my annual mammogram and got a good report...got a Starbucks drink to celebrate.


11 - Tuesday.  Great Bible study with the ladies with great discussion and saw a peacock on the way to church.

12 - Wednesday. Watched a show new to us called Murdoch Mysteries and we both liked the first episode. 

13 - Thursday.  After work we came and I made us some dinner and then did some crocheting and watching TV.

14 - Friday.  Picked up Chinese for dinner and then did laundry at home.

15 - Saturday.  We went to a Food Truck Rally and Craft Show to check it out as we are going to have a table at another one in the fall...I think it’s going to be fun  

16 - Sunday.  Church and nap for a good day.

17 - Monday.  Went in to work a couple hours late and then a quiet evening at home  

18 - Tuesday.  Great Bible Study lesson on Joseph and God’s redeeming love.

19 - Wednesday.  Quiet day at work and home with hubby’s online Bible study.

20 - Thursday.  Found out today my cousin's husband passed away last night...so sad...except he was a wonderful Christian and now he is with Jesus and no longer suffering.

21 - Friday.  Went to dinner with my mother-in-law and had such a good time talking and eating.

22 - Saturday.  Had Chuy's for lunch and it was so good and then ran some errands and spent the evening at home.

23 - Sunday.  Church and such a wonderful morning service and hubby preached about David and He brought out some things I had never thought about in reference to the story of David and Goliath.

24 - Monday.  Dentist appointment and had more work than I knew was going to happen so I ended up not going to work afterwards because I was so numb.

25 - Tuesday.  Last night of our ladies' Bible Study until fall and I'm sure going to miss these get-togethers.

26 - Wednesday.  Work and then hubby's online Bible Study filmed at home.

27 - Thursday.  Picked up dinner on the way home and spent a nice evening at home working on bills and watching TV.

28 - Friday.  Got up early and went to the local hospital for lab work and then to work for the day.

29 - Saturday.  Went to my cousin's, husband's funeral.

30 - Sunday.  Church...morning and evening and a nice nap in between.

31 - Monday - It was Memorial Day so I had the day off and we went to a picnic with my husband's family and also put some flags out at yhe cemetery on some family graves.

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  1. Grin, I really enjoyed this post. I hope you have a beautiful day and I am so sorry for your loss...

    1. Thank you so much Linda. I hope you have a great day too.

  2. I've never attended a Food Truck festival, but you've just reminded me -- Now that the country's opening up once more, I need to put that on my 'to-do' list.

  3. UGHHH - dental work - UGHHHH - I have so much work ahead of me in a dentist chair.
    Chuey's... I honestly dont remember the last time we've ate there. I need to order a to-go order soon!

  4. So sorry to hear about your family's loss and the dental work... but other that those two things it does sound like a pretty good month. I love a nice afternoon nap too but rarely allow myself to take them as I never want to wake up once I do fall asleep.

  5. Sounds like a nice memorial weekend with a picnic & placing flags. How do you decided what to eat during a food truck festival? Never been to one & it sounds interesting. Karen

  6. You had a busy month. I am sorry to hear of the loss of your cousin's husband, but as you said, He's in heaven with Jesus...what joy for him. But I know your cousin must have a lot now to adjust to. She is in my thoughts and prayers. So happy your mammo was good. I had mine done last month and it was also clear! Praise God! Dental work...yuck. I do not like it. I need to go and have some things taken care of, but I keep putting it off. We also take an afternoon nap...every day! Only for about 1/2 hour, but it is refreshing and once you start them, it's hard not to do them. But hey! We are retired, and if I feel like taking a nap, I'm going to do it! So there! LOL. Have a blessed rest of your week.


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