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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Thankful Thursday


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Today I thankful for my grandson.  He is 5 years old today and he is such a treasure.  He's funny, sassy, smart and loves to talk (when he wants to, not necessarily when you want him to.)  He is definitely his mommy made over.  Hubby and I love him and are so proud of him.  So, thank you God for giving us such a wonderful little boy to love and spoil.  I'm posting a few pictures of him over the past five years for my memories and I hope your enjoyment.

Gigi love

Papaw love

I made this hat for him.

I do think Papaw loves him beyond measure.

Great Grandma andColton

Visiting them in Chicago

Oh those eyes!!

Colton was in my nephew's wedding

On our way to the airport so they could fly back to Texas

Colton and his new puppy Drogo

Fresh haircut

Happy Birthday Colton!!  We love you and thank God for you.
Gigi and Papaw


  1. Oh, I can't pick a favorite! (Probably #2.)
    Happy Birthday, Colton!

  2. I can NOT believe he's 5. I feel like it was just yesterday you were posting those baby pictures of him!!!
    Happy Birthday to your little man

    1. I know what you mean. Thank you for the birthday wishes.

  3. Happy 5th Birthday Colton! What a cutie pie he has turned out to be! Well, I guess he always was a cutie pie! Now he's just getting cute and handsome! Growing up! They do that way too fast, don't they? What a blessing!!!

  4. He is so handsome! As a mom of four grown sons, there is nothing quite like the love of a little boy to win your heart forever.

    1. Yes, I raised 2 girls so I never knew what a boy was like. But he has surely won my heart.

  5. Happy birthday to your sweet Colton! He is SO adorable!!

  6. Grandbabies are such delights. Colton is adorable and has such a spark. I think the spiky hair suits him well.

  7. Happy, Happy Birthday to Colton, he is a cutie!!


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