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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Getting Old

As of yesterday, it's official. I'm getting old. I went to the eye doctor and I now have to have bifocals! I can't believe it!  I just hope it's awhile before hubby needs them so we don't end up like this too soon! 

Have a great day!


  1. I think my husband and I are just about there!

  2. I remember when my hubby turned 40--his eyes went! When I turned 40, the same thing happened to me. (We both wear "readers".) That's been quite a few years ago. I "dare" my husband to bother my glasses, because he puts fingerprints on them when he wears them! LOL Now, if the print is tiny, he'll put on both his and my glasses--at the same time!!!

  3. Oh, I so know how you feel! I keep putting off the eye doctor because I know what he's going to say....."Your arms are getting shorter!" lol


  4. Reminds me of the commercial where they get each others teeth. lol
    I have bifocal contacts. Love them that way nobody knows.


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