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Monday, August 16, 2010


A Blog With Substance…I can't believe it!

My friend Nel at Fastenau Facts, chose me as one of her recipients of the Blog of Substance award.  I can't believe it.  Thank you so much.   Nel is a really sweetie eveyone and strongly suggest you go visit and check out her blog.

According to Webster’s Dictionary the meaning of substance includes substantial or solid character or quality. Substantial meaning of ample or considerable amount or size.

As part of the acceptance of the award you have to choose 5 words that sum up the philosophy, motivation and experience of your blog. You also have to pick 5 recipients deserving of the award. This is a hard task because there are so many good blogs out there it is hard to choose.

The words I chose to represent my blog are:

Sharing God, Life, Laughter & Books

Here are 5 bloggers I choose as recipients of this award.

Beth at Playing with the Paulsons
Lindsay at The Cross Stitch House
Robin at Life in a Small Town or I'm Not a Control Freak
Rebecca at Knit by God's Hand
Laura at Goose Hill Farm

Check out these blogs.  You'll be glad you did.

Thanks again Nel!


  1. you are so sweet! thanks! I have kinda been felling like my posts lack substance lately. I want to try to do more sharing my heart but my heart has been so all over the place I don't always feel safe sharing.
    Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. awww! thank you so much! I am so honored!! I haven't had time to really blog much lately, with school starting and all, but hopefully once everything settles down and we get back on schedule I can resume my daily bloggin!! I miss it so much!!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS, on your award, Cathy! How sweet that you are sharing it with us! I am truly honored. I have never thought that my blog had any real substance at all. I am often amazed that anyone actually reads it! lol

    Thank you again!


  4. Hi Cathy
    Thanks very much for this award. I feel honored you gave it to me.
    Hope you get to see the ocean soon in Florida. It will probably be next year before we see it again.

  5. Ahh - thanks so much!! I instantly thought of some other blogs I want to pass this onto! THANKS AGAIN!!!

    (& you're is totally worthy of the award as well!!!) :)

  6. Congratulations on your award!!!

  7. Congrats, Cathy!
    Yes you ARE indeed a blog of substance... I always leave here feeling blessed ♥


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