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Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's Official

It's official.....she's a college freshman now!
But to me she'll always be my little stuffed animal loving girl.


  1. Man Cathy :( Put her in a pretty box dont let her go :(
    he Ok Good Lucky sweetie :)If ya need anything Cal mama ;) even if ya need MONEY lol

  2. she will do great. I am not looking forward to the day that we drop my first one off (even if it's not for awhile! lol) Hope you are both enjoying this exciting time in her life.

  3. such an exciting time.

    How are you doing, Cathy? Praying for you this first week without her around and praying she calls you more than my son did! ha!

  4. Good luck Kelli!
    May you always feel God's presence in your life...in every moment ~ in all places ~ He is there ♥

    Thinking of your own heart, Cathy ♥
    Grace and Blessings to you ~ Maria

  5. So far we're doing okay. Dropped her off Friday and then went back yesterday to some meetings and we got maybe about an hour with her. Bought her books and got some more stuff at Walmart for her. Taking back home some things that she doesn't have room for. She called once last night and we texted good morning. Read her blog (link in my sidebar) if you want to see her version of move-in. It was pretty traumatic for her.

    I think it's gonna be harder on Wednesday for me when we actually have to leave Florida. Right now I know I'm close enough to get to her if she needs me. But Wednesday that won't be quite so easy.

    Thanks for all the prayers. I really appreciate them.

  6. Awwww...glad she got moved in okay! OS is suppose to start classes tomorrow, but he's still out in Wy./Colorado!

  7. Wow. That puts a lump in my throat for you! That's going to be my girl way too soon!

  8. Hi Cathy
    Was just reading all about it on Kelli's blog! Hope things imrove for her soon.

  9. Hope she has an amazing year!!!!

    Good luck to you too Mom!!!

  10. Congrats! Wow, how time flies, huh?

  11. Praying for a peaceful Wednesday!



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