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Monday, August 30, 2010

Another Freshman

I've spent the last week or so talking about my oldest daughter starting college. Well, I have another Freshman too. Kerri is a Freshman in high school. Today was her first day! Here's a couple pics of her in her classroom.

I bet you wish your Freshman classroom was sitting by an indoor and outdoor pool in Florida!  You see Kerri's doing an online virtual school this year, so her classroom is anywhere she can take her laptop and have wifi.  Man, all I know is I never got to do anything like this.  Today is the first day for her and she turned in her first work and got an "A"!  Way to go Kerri! 

I'm so proud of both my Freshmen!!!  Love you girls!


  1. Way to go Kerri!! what a fun way to go to school :))

  2. I want to go to that school. How fun. She is so cute. Hope the rest of the year goes just as great as the first day.

  3. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, the babies are growing up too fast :(

  4. Wow that is just pretty cool. WTG Kerri!
    until next time... nel

  5. I had better not show this post to my daughter as she will want to join her! It sounds like Kerri is doing really well. I wish her luck with her High School course. Jessica goes back to school on the 7th September. She will be in Year 10 which I think is the same as your 9th Grade!

  6. I am so lovin' her school! :> )

    Have a great year, Kerri!


  7. What a great way to go to high school! I have two friends that did a virtual school for all of high school (and a lot of their college education, too) and they just loved it.

  8. That's the life! Poolside learning? Sounds great to me. :-)

  9. I love it! Hope you all have a wonderful year!


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