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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Miscellaneous Stuff

These are my new $9 sandals from Wally World.  I love the red polish with a coat of glitter polish.  My daughter gave me the pedicure.  Now I just need it refreshed.

Tracy and I tried this restaurant for the 1st time Saturday.  It was really good.  Sorry I didn't take any pictures, but that was some of the best barbecue chicken I've ever had.

This sign was in the lady's room.  I bet people thought I was strange when I came out and got my camera and walked back in the restroom so I could take a picture.  haha
 This probably should have been my Monday post for Week-end Wrap Up.  I guess better late than never.


  1. I love BBQ, especially chicken. It's hard to find good BBQ chicken. And now I'm hungry for BBQ chicken! ;-)

  2. Only a blogger would understand. I'd get my camera too. What a great sign!

  3. I would totally understand if I saw someone taking a photo in the ladies room! Ha..ha. Love the sandals and the price is nice too.

  4. Ha-I don't think I've taken a camera into the rest room yet but I'm sure that day is coming : )

    Love the sandals!


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