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Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Fragments and SkyWatch Friday

It's time once again to join with Mrs. 4444's for Friday Fragments.  Click here to go to Half Past Kissin' Time to link up with the others playing along.

If you're here because of SkyWatch Friday, you'll find my pictures toward the end of this post.  Click here to link up with SkyWatch.

Now for my Fragments:

*  As I said in Wednesday's post, I finally opened an Etsy Shop.  The name is "Simple Treasures by Cat.  So far, I have posted some crocheted items and some beaded bracelets.  I'll be adding some different kinds of items as time goes on.  Click here, if you'd like to visit my shop or you can click in the sidebar also. 

*  We've got a new wedding date now.  Kerri and Charlie are now planning an April, 2015 wedding.  They have selected a venue and she has picked her wedding dress.  Things seem to be going pretty smoothly on that front.

*  Tracy, Kelli and I had to do some major trimming (this is the 2nd time this year they've been done) to the bushes in the front yard the other night.  I cannot believe how fast they grow.  They definitely look a little better now. As you can see in the SkyWatch photos below, we need to do some work on the bushes you can see in this picture.  They all seem to be taking over this year.  haha

*  And now for SkyWatch Friday.  These are a couple of photos I took from our back yard the other evening. 


  1. Awesome sky pictures! And it certainly sounds like things are progressing on the wedding front.

  2. Beautiful sky.....I always love sky photos! Enjoy your weekend.

  3. We have has so much rain, we got a guy to come and mow and trim. He will be here today, If it doesn't rain!

  4. Wow! Exciting news about the wedding and the Etsy shop. Congrats.
    Beautiful sky photos.

  5. Funny how those bushes seem to grow out of control. Hubby says the same about the weeds.

  6. My best friend's son is getting married next June and they just picked their venue. I was happy to hear I made the invite list! :-) Weddings are so much fun.

  7. Steve Finnell, that's a great way to make people NOT want to read blog.

    Now, as for YOUR blog, Cathy, I'm happy to be here! Your Skywatch photos are great, and so is your Etsy shop. I would like to measure my current dish rags before deciding whether or not 8.5" is wide enough for me, so maybe.... I also love the cute, white headband. :) Good luck!


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