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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Share a favorite memory of your mother or share a favorite something from your own life as a mother. If you're a mother (or stepmom) tell us how your experience as a mom differs from your own mother's experience.
I think mom was always happiest when her kids were visiting.  Mom and dad always stayed home on Saturday nights and any of the kids that were free usually stopped in.  Sometimes all of us and the grandkids would be there and sometimes just 1 or 2 of us.  But that kept all of us close, because mostly that was the only time we saw each other.  The picture below is of mom and dad on Christmas Eve when we were all at their house.  You can tell that both mom and dad are very happy.  I sure do miss them.  Saturday nights and Christmas will never be the same again.

I posted this on FB this morning
2. In May we celebrate teachers (May 9) and nurses (May 6) both. Most every family has at least one in their midst, so tell us something (or a few things) you appreciate about the teacher or nurse on your family tree.
I'm going to answer this a little different.  With being ill last year, I just want to say how much I appreciate every one of the nurses (and doctors) who took care of me.  They were all so kind and helped me through some very scary places.  I never had a bad nurse.  They each one were such a blessing.

3. Chicken salad, egg salad, tuna salad...which would you go for if all three were on the menu? On bread or a bed of lettuce? If you answered bread, what kind of bread would make it the perfect sandwich?
Chicken Salad and it can be on bread or lettuce.  But if on bread, I prefer a croissant.

4. Do you have a desk? Is it organized? If so, share your secret to keeping it that way. If you don't have a desk, where in your home do you take care of family paperwork and business? Where do you normally sit to blog?
Yes, I have a desk at work and yes it is organized.  I just always make myself put things away when I'm done with them.  I don't let things pile up.  Now, my desk at home, not so much.  lol

5. When I was nine years old....
I was in 4th grade and we lived in an old remodeled house in the town I currently work in.  We had a little black dachshund and I took piano lessons.  I really can't remember anything specific though at that age.  I can't even remember my teacher's name.

6. Insert your own random thought here.
My sister and I went to see Chonda Pierce's new movie "Enough" last night.  It was so good.  Here is a video of the song she sang at the end.  So much truth and so wonderful to know that we are enough in God's sight.



  1. Liked your answer on nurses. Hope you have a lovely Mother's Day!

  2. Oh how I wished I had caught that encore showing of that movie! I am sure it was wonderful! Loved the video you shared. I know what you mean about nurses...what incredible difference they can make in scary medical scene. I am glad you had such good ones. Happy Mothers Day to you! Your mom looks like someone you'd love to know!

  3. So glad you were blessed with only good nurses, and thankful you don't need them anymore :)
    Our family usually gathers with us on Friday nights, and we're thankful they still enjoy being around us as we're growing older :)
    I was just reading about Chonda Pierce in this month's Guidepost!
    Kathy (Reflections)

  4. A kind and capable nurse is such a blessing. I'm glad your experience was filled with that sort of care. Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day! Any chance you'll be seeing your little guy on Sunday?

  5. Your parents look so happy! Nursing is something I could never do. It takes a special person to care for others like that. Will Colton be visiting for Mother's Day?

  6. I am so glad that you're doing better these days!! Hugs!


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