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Thursday, December 26, 2019

Thankful Thursday

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Things I'm thankful for:

***Church Christmas Lunch and Auction -- Sunday before last we had our Annual Christmas Lunch at Church.  We had a nice crowd and lots of good food.  Then we always have an auction afterward of white elephant items.  Everything is wrapped, so you have no idea what you're bidding on.  It could be something really good or it could be a can of soup.  Always lots of fun and laughter and the money goes to our Missions Funds to be able to help someone in need.

***Family Get Together -- Last Tuesday, my brother and sisters and our families all met together at my nephew's house for dinner and just being together.  My nephew just got married in September and he and his wife hosted in their new home.  They bought a fixer up and boy have they all fixed it up.  It's such a cute starter home and we all had so much fun being together.  With mom and dad and my oldest brother gone, we sometimes have trouble getting together.  I am so thankful that we took the time because I love my family so much.  Nobody gets me and understands me quite like they do.  lol   We laughed and talked and played games.  It was a really wonderful evening.

***Candlelight and Carols Services - Sunday evening we had a Candlelight and Carols Service at church.  We light candles and the Christmas Trees and other Christmas lights.  Hubby puts a burning, cracking fireplace video on the screens up front and then we sing Christmas Carols together.  They church is so beautiful lit up like that and we are a small group, but we have the best time together.

***Christmas Eve Day video chat with grandson - It was so fun to watch Colton open his gifts from us and see his excitement.  One of these day I hope we get to do it in person, but this works for us now.  He is such a doll and it's so fun watching and talking to him.

***Christmas Day Family Time with Hubby's Family - Christmas afternoon we went to hubby's family and had dinner and opened presents and just enjoyed being with each other.  Unfortunately, his dad did not feel like getting out of bed to participate, but hubby did go back and talk with him.  It's not easy seeing him going down as he is and if you'd want to lift him up in a prayer, we sure would appreciate it.  We're praying that God will bring peace and comfort and have mercy on him and his wife.  

***Days off from work -- I've also enjoyed having the first part of this week off work.  I'm back at work today, but it's been a nice break.

So what are you thankful for?



  1. The glow of candlelight in a church - one of my favorite things ever!!!
    I love the gifts auctioned are wrapped. So fun of a surprise to see what you get.
    So glad you had a wonderful holiday & got to see some family.

  2. That church auction -- what a splendid idea! Love the family photo; that "ShipLap" sign is sure cute. I'm honored to hold your dad-in-law in my prayers.

  3. I've prayed for you father-in-law! May the Lord's will be done. Your family is in my prayers as well.


  4. It all sounds perfect. Keeping your father in law in my prayers.
    Happy New Year to you and your family.

  5. Glad you had such a nice Christmas with families. Will be praying for your father in law. I know how difficult it is to watch our parents getting frailer. Praying for your family as you go through this. May the Lord give strength to all.


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