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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

A Sentence a Day - May 2020

My May one day at a time.

1 - Friday. I listened to the audio version of Harry Potter The Sorcerer’s Stone which sure helps the day go faster.

2 - Saturday.  Got to be with Kerri on video while she was waking Colton up to go to the beach, took him a bit but we finally got him to wake up and smile which made my day.

3 - Sunday. Found a nest with 9 duck eggs yesterday after accidentally scaring mama away but mama was back this morning  when we came to record FB live.

4 - Monday.  Had a good day at work, picked up groceries from the Kroger Click List and then had a nice evening at home.

5 - Tuesday.  Had my annual mammogram and all is well...4 years now...thank you Lord!  

6 - Wednesday.  Hubs recorded a Bible Study on FB live..he’s doing a study of Paul and this was the first lesson... I think it’s going to be good. 

7 - Thursday. After work we did an online order and curbside pickup from Walmart for the first time...they did a really good job. 

8 - Friday.  After work hubby and I drove to a nearby town and picked up some City Barbecue...Yum!

9 - Saturday.  Started taking Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar with The Mother which is supposed to be really good for you...hope it does all they say it can.

10 - Sunday.  After Tracy did his online Sunday morning sermon we went and visited with his mom which we haven't done this whole time...sure was good to see her face to face, plus she got to video chat with both girls while we were there.

11 - Monday.  Back to work and a quiet evening at home.

12 - Tuesday.  Work and then hubby made chili for supper and I worked on the puzzle I started over the weekend which still isn't finished.

13 - Wednesday.  Woke up to a beautiful sunrise with pink skies and after work I got this beautiful wall hanging from my daughter for Mother’s Day. 

14 - Thursday.  Saw a beautiful rainbow on the way into work this morning. 

15 - Friday. Work day and a quiet evening at home. 

16 - Saturday. Walked a virtual 5k in the morning and then got to visit with my younger sister for a couple minutes as she was sitting outside when I arrived to drop some groceries for her.

17 - Sunday. Went with hubby as he did a morning sermon on FB Live and then picked up carry-out from Cracker Barrel and then groceries from Kroger Clicklist. 

18 - Monday. Went to work and then came home and did laundry..exciting stuff!

19 - Tuesday.  Stayed home from work as I didn't get much sleep the night before after finding out that one of the ladies from out Bible Study passed away on Sunday (she was the sweetest and we all loved her and will miss her) and while home I rested, read and finished my jigsaw puzzle.

20 - Wednesday.  Went to church after work so hubby could record his live Bible Study on Paul/Saul and of course, I checked on Mama Duck.

21 - Thursday.  Went to the graveside service of our friend from Bible Study and thankfully, God held off the rain until I was on the way back to work.

22 - Friday.  My sister called me at work and said she was heading to a local florist that had 25 carnations on sale for $7.50 and she picked me up some too.

Love this bright pink color

23 - Saturday.  Hubby and I went out for lunch (first time to eat inside a restaurant) and we went to the nursery and I got our hanging baskets for the front porch and then I went to my sisters and we took a walk in her neighborhood.


24 - Sunday.  Church for hubby's live broadcast and then we took a drive and picked up some lunch and then relaxed at home and went back to my sisters to take another walk together.

25 - Monday.  Went out to lunch with my sister and her husband and then we went to my other sister's and participated in a car parade around the facility - I think it was a success.

26 - Tuesday.  Back to work after a 3 day weekend which is always hard to do.

27 - Wednesday.  Work and then church for hubby to FB live his Bible study on Paul. 

27 - Thursday. Mama Duck and the babies are gone and I didn’t get to see the ducklings. ☹️

28 - Friday.  After work we picked up a couple salads and a small pizza from our friends restaurant and it was delicious as always. 

29 -  Saturday. Ran a couple errands with hubby and then took some of my sister’s summer clothes ro her and then and evening at home. 

30 - Sunday. Church still online and man I’m mussing our church family. 

31 - Monday. Woke up to the water heater not working and tried to light the pilot light but couldn’t, then tried again after work and no go so called a plumber who will hopefully be here tomorrow. 


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  1. Carnations are my favorite! From the time I was a toddler, my dad would always buy me a green carnation corsage for my (St. Paddy's Day) birthday. I'm SO looking forward to dining inside a restaurant once more. Owing to his COPD, hubby's still not on board.

  2. So glad for the good mammogram update!!!
    Ahh - little ducklings moved out fast.
    I havent ate Chuey's in like 3 months... that's crazy.
    (I've reached out to the moderator of the link up to let her know the timing is off :) LOL)

  3. Woohoo! Celebrate that 4 year milestone!
    You made my day with the photo of mama duck. So cute.

  4. Wow...this was jam packed full of good stuff! Thank you for sharing it with us. I am amazed that you can keep up with all of that. I don't remember what I had for breakfast. LOL. Have a blessed day.


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