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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

A Sentence A Day - February 2021

 My February:

1 - Monday.  I waited too late to start this month and I have no idea what I did on the first 3 days.  lol

2 - Tuesday.  The problems with getting older.

3 - Wednesday. I do know I made some hats during this time on my knitting machine and also worked each day.

4 - Thursday.  Ordered a pizza and picked it up and went to hubby's mom's house for a few hours to visit and had a good time talking as always.

5 - Friday.  After work we had a quiet evening at home catching up on some shows from earlier in the week.

6 - Saturday.  Visited with our sister and actually got to take her out to a store to shop and she said it's been almost a year since she has been in a store.

7 - Sunday.  Church and a nap and then church again and home to watch a little TV and do some knitting.

8 - Monday.  We got Lucy groomed after work and we grabbed some McD's for dinner and did some grocery shopping while she was being groomed.

9 - Tuesday.  Woke up to at least 8 inches of snow so we got ready for work and then realized how deep it really was so we had to shovel out the driveway to be able to actually go to work and our wonderful neighbor man came out and helped us do it.   

10 - Wednesday.  Enjoyed an evening at home after work having spaghetti for supper and watching some TV.

11 - Thursday.  Another evening at home having chicken sandwiches for dinner and making a new hat.

12 - Friday.  Chili Cheese Hotdogs for dinner and more knitting and watching some TV and some cleaning at home.

13 - Saturday.  Hubby and I slept in a little and then went out and ran some errands and I bought some more yarn (again!  lol).

14 - Sunday.  Went to church and then picked up some Chinese for lunch and went home and spent the rest of the evening there.

15 - Monday.  President's Day and we spent the day at home doing some organizing, lots of laundry and some knitting and watching TV in the evening, plus hubby made homemade chili for dinner (Yum!).

16 - Tuesday.  The wonderful neighbor man ran his tractor and blade on our drive so we were able to get out early to make it to work on time (so much snow this week!)

17 - Wednesday.

18 - Thursday.  Our 32nd Anniversary and we didn't do anything special but go to work and then home as the weather was not very nice.

19 - Friday.  After all the grey skies and piles of snow, it was so nice to have beautiful skies today.

20 - Saturday.  Ran our usual errands and met my sister and her husband for lunch at Red Robin.

21 - Sunday.  We had church both morning and evening services and in the afternoon I watched a Netflix movie and knitted on a hat.

22 - Monday.  Started another week of work.

23 - Tuesday.  Finished another hat after work while watching some TV with hubby and doing some laundry,

24 - Wednesday.  Hubby did a live Bible Study on the life of Dr. Luke - #2 in his new series.

25 - Thursday.  Had and appointment with a seamstress after work to get the pants for my outfit for the wedding hemmed and also hubby's jacket needed taking in.

26 - Friday.  Work, and got my first Covid Shot (they had extra at the end of the day and I was on a list and got a call)  and then out with hubby's mom (just picked up a pizza and took it to her house) as we haven't been with her in 2 weeks.

27 - Saturday.  Did absolutely nothing as I was having some minor symptoms from the shot such as headache, low-grade fever and nausea. 

28 - Sunday.  Feeling mostly back to normal so we went to church and brought home some lunch.


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  1. I'm glad to hear you got your first vaccine. be sure to schedule a couple days off after your second since you had some side affects. I've heard they are usually a bit worse with the second dose. Glad you are feeling better now!

    1. Thank you and I'm scheduled to work, but I can always use sick time if needed. Hope it won't be needed.

  2. You made me want Chinese now!
    Happy Anniversary!!!!! That's so many years - congrats!

  3. Happy anniversary! I am always always so happy to see blue skies and the sun after days upon days of either snow or rain.

    1. So am I. In fact, we have beautiful blue skies right now.

  4. Happy Anniversary! It was 75 here today and I am out in the spa. We get our 2nd vaccine in 2 weeks. We are retired so if we feel sick, we will just take it easy. I think we will make some soup ahead of time. Enjoy the rest of your week!

    1. I hope you won't feel sick and I hope we don't either. Making soup ahead is a real good idea.

  5. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you had a busy month with a lot going on. It's nice to keep a record like that! When is the wedding that is coming up? I know you probably told us, but I forget. It's in Florida, right? I hope you will have nice weather and a beautiful time when it comes. Love those hats you make. Wish I needed one, but I really don't here. Looks like you had plenty of beautiful snow. After a warm week last week, it is kind of cool and rainy here now. That's fine with me. I am not ready for summer weather already! LOL. Take care and God bless you all!!

    1. I'm hoping it won't be too hot there for the wedding as it is outdoors.

  6. Hi Cathy, I'm new to your page. What an interesting idea...I may have to try joining this.

    1. Thanks for visiting and you really should join it. These posts will be nice to look back at in the future. Kind of a journal.

  7. Happy Anniversary!!! Yay that you got your first shot!!! And we shoveled a lot of snow this month too. I'm so happy it's March and we're hopefully past the worst of the shoveling. Hopefully.

    Also, what do you do with all the hats you make?

    1. I plan to reopen my Etsy Shop and also possibly participate in a craft fair this fall. Also, I will probably donate some too.

  8. What a change from the snow to the brilliant blue skies! There was a lot of hat making in your February, I've never seen a knitting machine like that, is it easy to use?
    Pleased you had your first vaccine, I have mine booked for next week. I've not planned to do anything the following day just in case of side effects!

  9. I'm going to have to make a pot of spaghetti soon, a coworker had some for lunch yesterday & it smelled so appetizing, then just read you made some too, we've not had spaghetti in a while so it's going on my meal plan list for this week. Happy Anniversary & such a sweet greeting from your Grand. Karen


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