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Monday, November 1, 2021

A Sentence A Day - October 2021


My October one day at a time.

1 - Friday.  After work, hubby took me to Chipotle Drive Thru and he went to  Donatos Drive Thru and then home for supper and a quiet evening at home, then couldn't sleep so I finished the book I was reading (Heartsong by Debbie Macomber) and started another one by the same author.  

2 - Saturday.  Regular Walmart shopping trip with both sisters and then went home and out for lunch with hubby and then the library where I checked out 5 more books by Debbie Macomber...I guess you can say I like the first two books I read and then came home took a nap and did laundry and cut hubby's hair.

3 - Sunday.  Church and took home Arby's for lunch and enjoyed a quiet afternoon reading and napping and then back for evening service.

4 - Monday. Went to work and then came home and helped make supper and then did some reading and watched some TV with hubby.

5 - Tuesday.  The dog woke me up early so I took her out and then did some Bible reading and praying and then finished the book I've been reading (Last One Home by Debbie Macomber and then later started another new Library book as I'm enjoying reading real books right now and after work a quick supper and then off to Bible Study.

6 - Wednesday. 

7 - Thursday.  Hubby's back hurting really bad so he called and got in for a chiropractor appointment

8 - Friday.  While at work listening to audiobook Jessie by Lori Wick the last in this series.

9 - Saturday.  Shopped with my sisters and then went to lunch with hubby and his back is a little better

10 - Sunday.  Church and nap time in the afternoon and back to church.

11 - Monday.  Columbus Day and off work, hubby had chiropractor appointment in the morning and his back is slowly getting better.

12 - Tuesday.  Back to work and got my flu shot and then Bible Study after work.

13 - Wednesday.  Took my "new" van to the shop for an oil change and to be checked over for our trip and the mechanic said it looks like it's barely been driven...there's another job finished before our trip.

On the mechanic's lot and the white van in the background
is our other vehicle.  So we are a two van family now.  lol 

14 - Thursday. After work we went home and cooked supper and I finished a book I had been reading and even listed to a good sized portion of it at work through my library audio book download (The Shop on Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber) and then started another book just before bed.

15 - Friday. Took 3 hours off work and then ran some errands to get some paperwork I need to officially file my retirement...and then a nice evening at home where I started crocheting a new baby blanket. 

16 - Saturday. Started with approximately mile walk with the dog and then watched  a Hallmark movie in the morning while crocheting and then Olive Garden for lunch and then drove to Aurora, IN and relaxed by the Ohio River watching the barges and whatever going by and then back home for TV crocheting and laundry. 

17 - Sunday.  Went to a double baby shower today and we had so much fun as it was all family and it was outside and the weather was perfect...got to be with family I hadn't seen in a while...so thankful...I also ripped out most of the baby blanket I started Friday and decided to go a whole different way which I think will work much better with the yarn I have.

18 - Monday.  Left the house early this morning so hubby could get some lab work done...I waited in van and read my Bible and also a few pages of my book and then off to work and hubby made chili for supper.

19 - Tuesday.  Work, Bible Study, Crocheting on Baby Blanket while watching some TV with hubby and also officially submitted my application for retirement.

20 - Wednesday.  Woke in the early morning and finished the book I was reading (A Cedar Cove Christmas by Debbie Macomber...then went to work, met mother-in-law for dinner and then spent the rest of the evening crocheting.

21 - Thursday.  Took hubby to morning doctor's appointment and I sat in the car crocheting and then went to work (started a new audiobook), then home to do laundry, watch some TV and of course mostly crocheting again (will I get it finished by Saturday?)

22 - Friday.  Work, chiropractor's appointment, picked up Chinese for dinner and then home to crochet all night and we watched the first new Hallmark Christmas movie.

23 - Saturday.  Completed the baby afghan this morning, went out for breakfast with hubby and picked up a gift bag at the Dollar Tree and then met my two sisters and went to the baby shower and then that evening we ordered a pizza and watched another new Hallmark Christmas movie.

Mommy to be reading the card with
the blanket still folded on her lap

Unfolding the blanket (thank you to my sisters
who thought of taking a photograph)

24 - Sunday.  Two really good church services today and a long nap in the afternoon...my idea of the perfect Sunday.

25 - Monday.  Work (finished listening to the audio book (What Child is This?: A Christmas Story by Caroline B. Conney) and then cooked supper and we relaxed at home, did some cleaning, and crocheting.

26 - Tuesday.  Oncologist appointment where all appears well and then on to work, home and then last Ladies Bible Study until spring.

27 - Wednesday.  Baby Lincoln was born today which is about 6 weeks early as momma and baby were in distress and all is well now...he is little but he came out screaming so it seems that his breathing is probably okay.  lol

28 - Thursday.  Work and then met hubby's mom for dinner and then home to watch some TV and crochet (working on a scarf with the leftover yarn from the baby blanket I made earlier.

29 - Friday.  Oldest daughter is 30 years old today...when in the world did this happen?!?

30 - Saturday.  Shopping with sisters in the morning and then lunch with hubby and home to work on retirement paperwork and watch another Hallmark Christmas movie and crochet and read a little too.

31 - Sunday.  Church and a nap in the afternoon in the between, plus some crocheting and working on packing.

That's my month.  How was yours?

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  1. Six weeks early must have been quite a surprise - but I'm pleased to hear that everyone is doing well.
    Isn't it weird when your 'children' get to be in their 30s? I'm going to have to get them to start lying about their ages, they are making me sound very old ;-)

  2. Not as much fun as yours, but busy-busy-busy all the same. (Thanks for asking!) What a blessing to get such a great report on the new-to-you van. I hope to get mine in the shop this week; what they find will probably determine if it's worth keeping. Congratulations on the birth of little Lincoln!

  3. You had a busy month! My baby girl is 32 and my oldest is 40. Our middle son just turned 38. Time sure flies! I have a few of Debbie Macomber books. I don't read much anymore because I am busy with my Bible studies and journaling. Have a nice week Cathy!

  4. Hello Cathy and lovely to meet you. You did have a busy October and it is surprising when we actually write everything down how much we can fit into a day or month. My children are 39 and 40 so I know exactly what you mean. Have a lovely week and great to join you for Leslie's link up. Sue x

  5. I am in love with that blanket you made... you'll have to tell me what yarn you used. & did you use a pattern or just crochet it out?

  6. That blanket is so gorgeous! I'm glad baby Lincoln and mom are safe.

    Also, a month of reading and watching Hallmark movies sounds pretty good to me right now :)

  7. Glad momma and baby are OK! I really enjoy Debbie Macomber books too.

  8. I've been enjoying some of those Hallmark Christmas movies too. I love baby showers, we are having one at work in a couple weeks for a coworker. Happy Birthday to your daughter, our daughter is forever 29 now for several years. Karen

  9. Our oldest turned 50 this year, so that really DOES make one feel old!!!I remember when I turned 50 and I thought I was so old...wow...well, anyway, what a busy and interesting month. Happy to hear that baby Lincoln is okay and healthy even if he did make an early entrance. Maybe he couldn't wait to try out that new blanket you made for him! praying all goes well for your retirement. I know you are getting excited now! I retired almost exactly 6 years ago this month. I can't believe that! Where HAS the time gone? wow. Have a blessed rest of the year...happy for your good reports at the Dr., etc. God is good.


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