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Thursday, July 21, 2022

Thankful Thursday


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Today I am thankful for:

**having time after walking this morning to sit and cool down and relax and talk to hubby about some scripture I've been reading in Isaiah.  I realized that there's a lot in Isaiah I'm not super familiar with.  I know the really good ones that prophesize Jesus and multiple others.  But there's so much there I don't remember reading, but I know that I have read it.  It's such a blessing to me that I live with my pastor and he's always willing to answer my thousands of questions.

**YouVersion Bible App..I love this app and use it daily.  I'm currently reading one of the Chronological Plans and this really keeps me on track.

**Lucy...I'm so glad she's completely back to normal and is able to walk with me again.

**Reading...I'm finally getting back to reading again and am reading a book by Denise Hunter that I bought a few months ago with a gift card given to me as a retirement present.  

**simple life...Life is pretty simple and laid back for me right now and I'm loving it!

Well that's all for right now.  I hope you'll link up with Jennifer and start being intentionally thankful each Thursday with us.

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  1. That books looks interesting. I love learning new things in the Bible. It is also nice to have so many options to read the Bible. I love having my physical Bibles to use. You are blessed to have a pastor for a husband!

  2. Thank you for this mention of YouVersion, Cathy. I've downloaded it and hope it will help me better grasp the Old Testament. Our Bible study's just begun the book of Ruth; and already, I'm challenged to focus.

  3. That is definitely a benefit being married to a pastor and getting your questions answered. I love that! Happy to hear that Lucy is doing well. Also glad you are loving the book you are reading. Take care.

  4. I am looking forward to grandbaby #5 next week! So grateful!

  5. I will go check out YouVersion when I post this comment. I am glad to read that Lucy is ready for walks again! Thankful lists are always uplifting!! xo

  6. I loved this post, Cathy! Your lists are always thoughtful and provoking. I love that you said you live with your pastor...how cool is that?! What a treasure trove he is to you. And to others! I'm so glad you've pulled out of a reading slump...I've been in one myself until this month and I feel like I pulled out of it finally. I'm on book five or six for July and I've still got a full week left! Speaking of...I'm off to read. Thanks for linking up, my friend!

    1. We’ll I haven’t read that much but at least I’m reading.

  7. I Love the You Version app and use it daily too.
    Visiting today from Thankful Thursday #5

  8. Hooray for having your walking partner back!! Did you like that book??


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